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It's not really breaking news until Drudge does a Code Red.

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>Reported by Matt Drudge and Andrew Breitbart
>It was suppose to be about Cinderella (Chelsea).
>How the future was bright. The future was his. Nothing could stop
>Express. Clinton was to be ours again. He was maturing, caring,
>recommitting. We would vote him back in. He was triangulating. Above
>all. Not a Democrat, not a Republican. He was being positioned to be
>nation's father.
>It was a man named Dick Morris who taught Clinton how to dream, scheme
>redeem. It was Morris, and everybody knew it, who was calling the
>making the calls and rocking those poll numbers up to heaven. (Ironic,
>was Morris who taught Clinton how to get reelected back in those small
>Little Rock days, back in the 80's. Back when the hairs were brown.
>was like a brother.)
>When President Clinton failed to make his 'surprise' scripted
>appearance in
>the Convention Hall last night (Wednesday), some of us read more into
>than the White House excuse: he was tired from the train trip.
>But Clinton never tires. What were you hiding McCurry? Word started
>spread throughout media circles that Clinton was hoarse on the eve of
>big 'A Place Called America' speech. He needed to save the voice or
>the speech would be a complete disaster. The handlers went scared as
>whole convention could now possibly be in jeopardy.
>Jeopardy, yes, but for other reasons.
>What the delegates didn't know as they were busy roll calling their
>candidate to renomination was that the ink was drying on the new issue
>the STAR magazine. Clinton was not only losing his voice, he was
>goodbye to his spiritual brother.
>An edition that might just change history.
>On the day President Clinton is to accept his party's renomination as
>Democratic presidential candidate, the chief architect of Clinton's
>administration is resigning in unprecedented disgrace.
>According to THE STAR, which broke the Gennifer Flowers story, Dick
>had ongoing relations with a prostitute who had extraordinary access to
>confidential documents and conversations within the White House.
>The NEW YORK POST ran slices of THE STAR this morning:
>'(Morris) reportedly bragged to his sex-for-cash ladylove about how
>politically powerful he was, letting her secretly listen to phone
>conversations with the president -- and revealing his nicknames for
>Bill and
>Hillary: "The Monster" and "The Twister." '
>'As their trysts became more frequent...the sex got kinkier and the
>talk hotter...Early last month, Morris reportedly told Rowlands about a
>"military secret that only seven people in the world know about" -- the
>discovery of life on Mars. A week later, NASA made the announcement.
>also told Rowlands he would have loved to have an affair with Hillary
>Clinton -- if she weren't married. He confided that he nicknamed
>"The Twister" because of her knack for stirring up trouble, and dubbed
>president "The Monster" for his alleged temper tantrums.'
>Sherry Rowlands (the prostitute) said her lurid affair with Morris was
>conventional. She said he has a preference for toe-sucking and
>"One night, he was on all fours like a dog on the floor when he
>looked up and laughed, 'Can you imagine someone walking in and seeing
>We cried during Jim Brady. We cried during Reeve. We cried during
>Hillary's moving speech. Sobbed during Al Gore. But the total tears
>reserved for Dick Morris.
>The man who ruined the convention.
>'How could this be happening,' asks a party loyalist, 'everything was
>so well...why is this coming out now?'
>Was it Morris' archenemy Harold Ickes who turned him in, finally
>Is this just a classic case of total power gone totally destructive.
>Carville, who now might be coming home to work from Clinton again --
>post-Morris departure, told the ASSOCIATED PRESS this morning: 'It's
>of hard to believe...(Morris) is too bright a guy.'
>But the great American political graveyard is full of bright men who go
>far. Walk unchecked in the halls of power.
>Clinton will bear the full brunt of this scandal; he was giving Morris
>'unlimited access' to the White House and all of her secrets. (Much to
>horror of the FBI who had been ordered not to do any background checks
>It was Clinton who left his party behind to play Morris' winning
>triangulation game. Up by 15 points CBS NEWS announced last evening.
>was working. He was going to win again. 70 days till rapture.
>The initial media reaction to the Morris ruination is startling:
>*Wolf Blitzer can't believe it, won't believe it. It's off his script
>he's not good at improvising. CNN's taking it hard.
>*MSNBC has turned into The Dick Morris Freak Show with the anti-Clinton
>brigade, previously relegated to right wing AM radio talk shows, being
>out of cold storage with their "WE TOLD YOU SO'S" ringing loud. R.
>Tyrrell, the editor of the AMERICAN SPECTATOR and author of the
>anti-Clinton paean BOY CLINTON got into it hard with MSNBC
>correspondent Ann
>Curry, who got extra snappy when Tyrell began to recite the Clinton
>laundry list read on Tim Russert's network. (Off script. Off
>Late word that the convention is lit with rumors that there are
>pictures of
>President Clinton having dinner with Morris and his prostitute. One
>only guess the White House War Room has put out an extreme bounty for
>and all pictures and negatives that may exist.
>The stock market is down almost 80 points -- someone just said on
>MONEY WHEEL: 'It's because of the scandal.'
>The woman's name is Sherry Rowlands. She's got one hell of a story to
>The tale has been held for maximum impact.
>The Chicago sky has indeed turned stormy once again. No, it's not 1968
>over again.
>It's 1996. And our riots are sexier.