One last Morrissel...

Robert S. Thau (
Thu, 29 Aug 1996 17:57:57 -0400

I finally got around to checking the original story at
Drudge did a pretty good job at picking out all the juicy quotes, but there
were a couple of bits he missed which were... remarkable. First, this:

Rowlands started out as Morris' $200-an-hour "escort," but quit
her escort service to see Morris on her own while she started a
home- and office-cleaning business, Star reported.

Methinks the lady is perhaps not being completely up front about the
nature of the attempted career change. Perhaps this will become a
little clearer in a bit... the Star story is actually announced as a
two-parter, and there just might be something interesting which comes
out in part 2.

The other thing:

What I haven't seen anybody ask questions about, yet, is the corporate
structure behind this story. The Star is owned by Rupert Murdoch; it
broke not only this, but also (four years ago) the Gennifer Flowers
story. Murdoch also owns the New York Post, which was the Morris
story's ticket to the legitimate media. He also owns the Fox TV
network, which has recently started a Sunday morning interview show
with a fairly conservative moderator. IIRC, he also owns the
publishing house which offered Newt Gingrich a $4M advance for his
heavily remaindered musings on national policy.

And of course, as just about everybody has commented, the timing of
this news release literally could not be worse for the Clinton
campaign --- or, to put it another way, it couldn't be better for
Dole, Gingrich, et al.

Conservatives have been whining for ages that the media have a
"liberal bias". There's something a little ironic about Rush Limbaugh
complaining about how conservative voices are shut out of the national
media picture, but he complains about it anyway. I can't help feeling
that one person of conservative leanings --- to wit, Rupert Murdoch
--- has decided to do something about it.