Tim BL Vision

CobraBoy (tbyars@earthlink.net)
Tue, 3 Sep 1996 09:12:45 -0700

Recently it was noted on FoRK that Tim BL was complaining about the
fact that the "general" computer user was programming in HTML. Well
this all might be changing with the release of Claris Softwarez new

I have used a number of these and I still prefer a text editor.
While all good I have found Hot Dog Pro and otherwise, NetObjects,
PageSpinner, Page Mil, HoTMEtaL etc. to all be very frustrating to
use. Not so with Claris. Although there is still something deep down
inside me that screams for a text editor, Claris's app is pretty

Available for Mac and Win'95 http://www.claris.com



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