Re: Nuggets from the Daily Brief, 8/27/96.

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Tue, 3 Sep 96 09:48:38 PDT

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we wrote:

> Wait a minute, you mean the conspiracy nuts were right?
> (Recently on the conspiracy list, they've been saying how
> Clinton is inventing excuses in the form of covert operations
> that will give him an excuse to bomb Iran in October, just
> in time for the election.)

Do you think that the CIA got itchy trigger fingers and couldn't
wait til next month?

This ruins my perception of the conspiracy list. I mean, they
were RIGHT about something. Maybe they're right about other
things, too. Maybe Clinton DOES do five lines of coke a day.

Geez. Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not
out to get you.

By the way, Fox After Breakfast is a really tacky show and an
even tackier way to find out about a bombing. "In 20 minutes,
we'll have more about the US bombing Iraq, but first, let's
go to Old Lyme, CT, and meet The Nut Lady. Maybe if we're lucky
she'll let us tour the world's only Nut Museum..."

-- Adam


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