Found the Internet Explorer 5.0 Article.

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Wed, 4 Sep 96 03:41:38 PDT

Found this article again, and it's just too much of a teaser. But it's
the Right Vision. A forms run-time software product is the Proper Way
To Go. Customizing components for the browser are the Proper Way To Go.
Unification of running forms in a browser with accessing information
from a database is the Proper Way To Go. I want IE 5.0, and I want it
:) Adam

Internet Explorer 5.0 Watch
By Jodi Mardesich,
Computer Reseller News Online

Internet Explorer 4.0 is not even here yet, but Microsoft Corp. is
already touting Internet Explorer 5.0, due sometime next year.

Steve Ballmer, Microsoft executive vice president of worldwide sales and
support, said Internet Explorer 5.0 will change the face of Internet
application development and provide a standard form for accessing
information from the World Wide Web.

Ballmer spoke about Explorer 5.0 at the Windows NT Intranet Solutions
show in San Francisco.

The new Explorer 5.0 paradigm will make it "trivial" to re-engineer
applications that effectively run as a form inside the browser,
accessing information from a database, said Ballmer. That unification
will dramatically reduce the cost of managing and deploying
applications, he said. Further, he said, it will simplify application
development and the user experience, said Ballmer.

Internet Explorer 5.0 will "unify the way people author and create
forms," said Ballmer.

A forms run-time software product will be built into Internet Explorer
5.0, said Ballmer.

In addition, he said, there will be Active Themes, a series of
components for customizing Internet Explorer 5.0 For example, a browser
could be customized with audio links or image links to Web sites. That
would allow VARs to feed information--stock quotes, for
example--directly into a browser.


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