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>The Lord has wonderfully blessed the work of CT&U beyond any
>expectations of
>the publisher. With a growing readership in excess of 5,000 it became
>necessary to secure the services of a mail server. Further information
>be coming shortly. Additional information is being made available at a
>website location. Back issues of CT&U will be made available.
>"Since 1950, the BBFI [Baptist Bible Fellowship International] has
>on getting the gospel out, winning souls, planting churches and
>these efforts with the goal of 'preach(ing) the gospel to every
>(Mark 16:15). Nearly every year since its beginning, the BBFI has seen
>international outreach grow in numbers of foreign missionaries, fields
>service and funds given until it has become and continues to be the
>independent Baptist missionary organization in the world." Over the
>year there has been an increase of 25 additional missionaries and three
>fields of service with nearly 1.5 million dollars more than the
>year in revenue. This has increased giving to missionary work to $25.4
>million. These reports are encouraging, but not nearly as much as the
>stories of souls saved, churches planted, doors opening to the gospel
>work being done by national Baptist Bible Fellowships in various other
>countries of the world. (Baptist Bible Tribune, August 15, 1996)
>The Fundamentalism File, a ministry of Bob Jones University, has over
>articles indexed to 6,000 different subjects. It is a religious topics
>dealing with ETHICAL ISSUES of today (i.e., capital punishment, women
>ministry, abortion, ordination of women, homosexuality and the church,
>American Baptist Convention, Methodism and Homosexuality, etc.), and
>PEOPLE (Jack VanImpe, Jerry Falwell, Billy Graham, Jim Baker, etc.).
>Fundamentalism File does not present the official position of Bob Jones
>University. They are a research arm and will give information as
>(pro or con). The cost is ten cents per photo copy plus $1.00 handling
>and postage or fax charges. The Fundamentalism File may be reached by
>e-mail <FFile@BJU.edu>.
>Senior host, Dr. David Beale of Bob Jones Seminary, and co-host, Dr.
>Priest of Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary will conduct another
>and unforgettable two-week adventure (Departing May 17th) in England
>Holland, tracing the footsteps of the Pilgrims, Puritans, early
>Baptists and
>Wesleys. Enjoy the services of a multilingual European tour director.
>Stroll along quaint streets, visit ancient churches, and chat with
>"old timers" in the villages and hamlets of England's "Holy Triangle,"
>the English Separatist movement originated. Travel with experts to
>the Christian heritage and earn course credit. For additional
>contact Dr. Beale <76061.1511@compuserve.com>.
>Missionaries should be alerted to 400 MB of resources in an easy to use
>program with foreign language helps. A number of English translations
>included plus more than THIRTY foreign translations including Dutch,
>German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Greek, Hebrew and others. Several
>translations can be opened simultaneously allowing for ease of foreign
>language study. There are a number of integrated research materials
>to Strong's numbers with more than 5000 topics including: Thompson
>Topics, Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary, New Topical Textbook, Bible
>Dictionary, Archaeological material, Creation Science material, 25
>full-color maps and more. In bound editions the value would exceed
>This sells for under $50.00. Contact can be may via e-mail
>The BBFI will have a Fall Missions Meeting hosted by Dr. Harry Boyle,
>President of Baptist Bible College East, Boston, MA during September
>Speakers include: Gary Coleman (Osterville, MA), David Freeman
>Ben Feldott (Falmouth, MA), T. G. Wille (Flint, MI), Dwight Scott
>City, MO), Curtis Rowe (Springfield, MA), John Rawlings (Union, KY),
>Moeller (South Africa), Jamie Ragle (Cincinnati, OH), David Brown
>WA), Sandy Baird (Houston, TX), John Frier (Mesquite, TX), Leland
>(Springfield, MO), David Smith (England) with the last speaker on
>evening being either Sam Davison (Oklahoma City, OK) or John McCall
>(Sarasota, FL) whoever becomes the newly elected president of the BBFI.
>(Baptist Bible Tribune, August 15, 1996).
>September 10 is slated for the official meeting of the Unregistered
>Fellowship. Speakers include Presidential Candidate Charles Collins as
>as Pastors Greg Dixon (Indianapolis Baptist Temple, Indianapolis, IN),
>Lewis (Old Paths Baptist Church, Campbellsburg, IN) and John Weaver
>Baptist Church, Waycross, GA). The meeting will be held at Remnant
>Church, Dillsboro, Indiana (Pastor Mike Martin).
>"The Assemblies of God, with 2.5 million members in the US, have
>decided to
>boycott the Walt Disney Company because of the company's links to a
>film and
>a book sympathetic to homosexuals." (ENI News Highlights, August 21,
>As the result of HIV and AIDS (estimated as high as 75% by some
>reports) the population of Zambia is bottom-heavy. 20% of the
>population is
>under the age of 5. "Practically every household in Zambia has at
>least one
>child living with them from the extended family due to the death of
>parents. Thousands of these children are not placed with family
>because whole families have been wiped out." These extra children are
>placed in Roman Catholic Church orphanages. Thousands of children from
>their earliest memory are taught that the only truth concerning God and
>religion comes from the RCC. There is a need for teachers, nurses and
>resources for this needed evangelical ministry effort. Those God
>should contact Missionary Patrick Coleman <PColeman@zamnet.zm>.
>Opening day at BBCE brought 93 students to this east coast BBFI school.
>Herb Koonce reports this enrollment as a healthy increase over the
>year's enrollment. "Students came from as far away as Washington state
>as near as Boston -- where new Baptist churches continue to spring up."
>(Pastor Herb Koonce)
>"The world at large is in the grips of a moral and cultural revolution.
>Perhaps no segment of our society has been as radically affected as
>have the
>women of the Western Hemisphere. But while the standards of
>society have changed rapidly, those set forth in the Word of God remain
>unaltered. The true liberation of women, brought to us through
>mandates, comes before us through the articles" in the current issue of
>"Israel My Glory". The August/September issue of the magazine of "The
>Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry" emphasizes the biblical role of
>with many notes concerning the historical role of women in Old
>times. The articles are entitled: "The Woman's Relationship to Home &
>Family", "Jesus and the Role of Women", "Godly Women Who Made A
>"Foundations of Faith", "Women in Modern Israel" and "The Last Word."
>(Israel My Glory, Vol. 54, No. 4, August/September, 1996)
>Dr. David M. Doran, pastor of Inter-City Baptist Church and Chancellor
>Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary, announces the Mid-American
>on Preaching to be held at Inter-City Baptist Church, Allen Park,
>October 24-25, 1996. The theme is based on II Timothy 4:5, "Do the
>Work of
>an Evangelist". The conference promises to be an excellent time of
>equipping and soul-stirring challenge about the pastor's role in
>leading the
>local church in evangelism. There is a conservative line-up of
>including the well-known evangelists Jerry Sivnksty and Tom Farrel.
>McCune, Sam Horn, Mike Harding and Steve Hankins will be speaking along
>Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary faculty members.
>This is a year of reminiscing for Bob Jones University. 1997 marks the
>year anniversary and 50 years in Greenville, SC. "We're celebrating
>year with a grateful look into our past and a hopeful look into our
>recounting all the blessings along the way. In 1927, with the Great
>Depression looming around the corner, Bob Jones, Sr., was witnessing a
>come true. In September of that year, the campus at College Point,
>opened its doors to 88 students, laying the foundation for what has
>Bob Jones University. Burdened for America's youth, Dr. Jones wanted
>build a school that will have high cultural and academic standards and
>... a
>school that will keep in use an old-time, country mourner's bench where
>folks can get right with God.' Now, 70 years later, Bob Jones
>stands as a testimony to that dream. BJU has grown to over 5,000
>and has expanded and outgrown two college campuses (Florida and
>and is stretching the seams of a third." (BJU Review, Fall, 1996)
>Baptist International Missions, Inc. has a beautiful prayer calendar
>publish yearly. It lists all their missionaries (with birthdays) and
>of service. It is available free on request to BIMI at
><73122.1321@compuserve.com>. Each of their divisions of ministry
>produces a
>publication which is also free upon request. For example, under the
>direction of Dr. James Ray there is a very informative magazine called
>"Europe". It is designed to promote the need for mission workers in
>(Bob Zemeski, Missionary to Ireland)
>"Bob Baird was appointed Mission Director of the Baptist Bible
>International in 1986. He had already served as a BBFI missionary, as
>Assistant Mission Director for the BBFI, as a pastor and as First Vice
>President for the BBFI. During the past ten years, his leadership has
>instrumental in several areas including the erection of the World
>Service Center (Mission Office) building, the enlargement of foreign
>missionary work with increased personnel and finances and the
>improvement in
>training and missionary services. (Baptist Bible Tribune, August 15,
>"Is salvation possible only through Christ, or is it available to
>non-Christians through other channels? This thorny question has become
>deeply controversial one for the Reformed Church in America (RCA)."
>News Highlights, August 23, 1996)
>This fall will evidence two ministry teams from Bob Jones University
>traveling in local church ministry. The BJU Drama Team will be
>September through December in the states of Connecticut, Massachusetts,
>Maryland, Maine, North Carolina, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York,
>Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Virginia and Vermont. The
>Musical Ministry Team will minister during the same period of time in
>states of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and South
>(BJU Review, Fall, 1996)
>$600,000 1996 Missionary Projects Offering
>The Missions work of the BBFI has an annual projects offering. This
>goal is $600,000. It is far short of providing all the needs for funds
>requested by missionaries for churches and homes but it is a
>reachable amount. The MPO serves a valuable purpose: it provides funds
>building missionary churches and missionary homes around the world. The
>current goal will assist ninety-two congregations on thirty-five fields
>build new church buildings, and ninety-eight missionaries on thirty-one
>fields build homes. (Baptist Bible Tribune, August 15, 1996)
>"The general assembly of the World Council of Churches has announced
>to start talks in the year 2000 'to work for the time when a genuinely
>universal council may once more speak for all Christians. One of the
>central issues to be settled as part of the process,' according to
>Raiser, a leading authority on ecumenism, 'was the question of the
>of the Pope.' John Paul II invited other churches to discuss this
>issue in
>his encyclical Ut unmsint: 'For the Roman Catholic Church, the issue
>discussion is the possibility of an ecumenical interpretation and
>of the decisions of the Second Vatican Council.' The Catholic Church
>is not
>a member of the World Council of Church, which currently lists 330
>(The Baptist Trumpet, September, 1996)
>Pioneer Bible Translators founded in 1976, began work in its twentieth
>language group in 1993. Currently, 80 personnel are working in five
>countries (Papua New Guinea, Zaire, Equatorial Guinea, Guinea & Former
>Soviet Union). For the 90s PBT has targeted 15 new groups for
>and literacy work. Pioneer Bible Translators is an evangelical,
>non-denominational mission committed to practicing and promoting
>Christianity and the unity of all Christians. Their members and
>come primarily from the Christian Churches/Churches of Christ. They
>seek to
>cooperate with all believers to the extent that like aims are held.
>Can Bring God's Word to Life", Pioneer Bible Translators")
>The publisher provides the following information concerning the KJ21.
>21st Century King James Version (KJ21) is not a new translation or a
>revision. It is an updating which retains the unparalleled power,
>and dignity of the King James Version while using modern punctuation,
>paragraphing, and format to make the KJ21 easier to read and
>Concerning doctrine or meaning the publisher writes: "All changes made
>enhance readability, yet do nothing to change the doctrine or meaning
>of the
>King James Version. No passages from the KJV have been omitted. No
>gender-neutral language has been used. No attempt has been made to
>the wording of the KJV to conform to so-called basic English." The
>emphasizes certain passages the publisher deems as "important". "Words
>spoken by Christ are indented and italicized. Bold type denotes
>which are among the most powerful, best loved, and most often quoted."
>an example of word updating the publisher writes: "Over time some
>have become obsolete. In the KJ21 these obsolete words have been
>by modern equivalents." In the KJV the word "minish" becomes
>"diminish" in
>the KJ21. "Bewray" becomes "betray". "Wist" becomes "knew".
>According to
>the publisher, "the meanings of some words have changed over the past
>years, and in the KJ21 these words have been replaced with modern
>"Prevent" becomes "precede". "Convince" becomes "convict".
>becomes "manner of living". Words such as "thou," "ye," "art," "hath,"
>etc., although archaic, are readily understood and have been retained
>preserve the traditional language of worship and prayer, and, in the
>case of
>personal pronouns, to distinguish singular from plural according to the
>publisher. "Many modern translators change words to conform to modern
>cultural and political biases. In all such cases, the KJ21 retains
>exactly as they are in the KJV. For example: In the KJV and KJ21
>"covetousness" is the translation whereas modern versions use "greed".
>"Judgement" in the KJV and KJ21 becomes "justice" in modern versions.
>"Virgin" in the KJV and KJ21 becomes "young woman" in the modern
>The publisher claims that the "KJ21 is markedly closer in language and
>spirit to the KJV than any other Bible copyrighted in the 20th century.
>Preserving the power, beauty and timeless message of its historic
>predecessor, it is simply the most powerfully and beautifully worded of
>modern Bibles." Additional information may be obtained from the
><kj21@kj21.com>. (KJ21 Publishers Informational Packet>.
>"Over the past several years considerable effort has gone into revising
>updating Dr. Frank C. Thompson's system of Chain-References for its
>inclusion with the New King James Version text. During the production
>the Expanded Thompson there were three guiding principles:
>(true to Dr. Thompson's intentions), consistency and simplicity. The
>publisher, Kirkbride, reports six major differences between the
>NKJV Thompson and the other versions. They are:
>1) Complete Chains, 2) Complete Listing of Topics, 3) Placement of
>Topics on the Margin, 4) Consistent Naming of Topics, 5) Consistent
>Outlines in the Analysis of Books, and 6) New Introduction. Kirkbride
>produces a Mission Edition Special that is more cost effective for use
>3rd world countries. They have now produced "The Thompson Exhaustive
>Topical Bible" with more than 8,000 subjects and subtopics and 100,000
>Scripture verses as an add-on volume for use with the Thompson
>Chain-Reference Bibles. (The Chain-Link, Summer, 1996)
>"The two weeks' literature distribution effort during the Summer
>Games represented sacrifice on the part of many. Nearly 450,000 tracts
>given by Chick Publications, Fellowship Tract League, and World
>Press. 'The Ultimate Question' booklet was provided in several
>languages by
>Revival Literature. Response cards were printed by Marion Baptist
>and Caprock Baptist Church." Literature was provided in 78 languages.
>Pisgah Baptist Church graciously provided their facilities for use.
>members paid their own way, traveling from 10 states and Germany.
>Missionaries to Chile, Mexico, Philippines and Australia, were part of
>team. Two pastors left their flocks to be part of the effort.
>Results of Olympic Outreach Effort, August 24, 1996)
>The Willow Creek Association and Willow Creek Community Church have
>advertised their 1996 "Church Leadership Conferences. The Spring
>was May 15-18th and the fall conference is slated for October 23-26th.
>Garry Poole, Willow Creek's director of evangelism, will conduct a one
>seminar "Launching Seeker Small Groups". (Willow Creek Association
>Medical Samaritans is a team of medical professionals, ministers and
>Christian volunteers who seek to serve the Lord Jesus Christ through an
>outreach that involves both a ministry of healing and a message of
>Medical Samaritans is led by Dr. Dennis V. Humphries, M.D. and
>Evangelist Don Tackett. Recent ministry success with free medical
>in the Appalachian region of Eastern Ohio has resulted in numerous
>for help throughout he region. Medical Samaritans are seeking a large
>home which can be converted and equipped as a mobile clinic. Anyone
>such a vehicle or knowledge of where one can be obtained please respond
><dontackett@3rdworld.org> or Baptist Home Missions Ministries, 2634
>Hamilton-Mason Road, Hamilton, Ohio 45011.
>"On July 11, the House passed the 1997 funding bill for the Departments
>Labor, Health and Human Services and Education. Defeated: a pro-family
>amendment offered by Rep. Ernest Istook (R-Okla.) that would have
>written parental consent before a teenager receives any services,
>abortion referrals, under the Title X federal family planning program.
>House also defeated an attempt by Rep. Nita Lowey (D-NY) that would
>allowed federally-funded human embryo experiments. Current law
>such research on live human embryos." (Washington Watch, The MACS
>August, 1996)
>"Fast church growth means half Korea's Christians are Presbyterian. ...
>Presbyterian churches in South Korea are growing at a breathtaking
>speed and
>now account for just over half of all Christians in the country. Many
>Christians believe that this phenomenal church growth is a 'divine
>preparation' for Korean re-unification, according to an associate
>of Christianity and Culture in the South Korean capital of Seoul."
>News Highlights, August 28-29, 1996)
>"The Likud-led government voted into power will continue the peace
>honor Israel's international commitments, and strive to heal rifts in
>country, Prime Minister-elect Binyamin Netanyahu said in a statement
>the recent election]." (Israel In the News, Vol. 6, No. 4,
>August/September, 1996; Israel My Glory)
>"Britain is coming under increasing pressure from Israel to curb the
>activities of Hamas and Islamic Jihad, following allegations the groups
>using London as an operational center. These suspicions were confirmed
>Ramadan Shallah was appointed to replace the slain Fathi Shkaki as head
>the Islamic Jihad movements." (Israel In the News, Vol. 6, No. 4,
>August/September, 1996; Israel My Glory)
>"Britain's Queen Elizabeth is reportedly considering radical changes in
>monarchy to ensure its survival in the twenty-first century, according
>to a
>report on British Sky News. Among the proposals is the repeal of a law
>dating from 1701 forbidding Catholics to marry into the royal family in
>direct line to the throne. In addition, Prince Charles has suggested
>end of the monarchy's role as head of the Church of England. He has
>his desire to be known as Defender of Faith rather than Defender of THE
>Faith." (Benny King, Missionary to Germany)
>"France is extending 'humanitarian aid' to Lebanon through Hizbullah,
>the fact that Hizbullah performs humanitarian services, Channel 1
>(Israel In the News, Vol. 6, No. 4, August/September, 1996; Israel My
>David C. Gibbs, Jr. reports five reasons why faith-based ministries
>not be licensed by the State of Texas (or any state). The letter is a
>follow-up letter requested from the Governor's office (State of Texas)
>as to
>why the state should not control faith-based ministries. Five reasons
>explained: 1) Faith-based ministries are unique and distinct from
>secular counterparts, and as such cannot be judged by the same
>2) Licensure of faith-based ministries does not ensure quality aid to
>in need of assistance; 3) Many faith-based ministries view government
>licensure as unbiblical and will leave the State of Texas rather than
>to licensure; 4) Faith-based ministries save the State of Texas needed
>funding for use in other programs; and 5) Faith-based ministries save
>people's lives. (Minuteman Alert, September, 1996)
>This past August, Philippine President Ramos and Nur Misuari, the
>leader, met and agreed to a Muslim government in part of Mindanao
>The news headlines read, "Threat of War". The Philippine president
>there's no hidden agenda. (Ken Turner, Missionary to the Philippines)
>Flame '96 saw 500,000 Gospel tracts and Gospels of John given to
>spectators in Atlanta as they walked about the Olympic venues. On one
>occasion "[t]eenagers were handing out tracts to others in a subway
>The police arrived. They were told by the police that kind of activity
>not allowed in the subway station. They honored the police captain and
>immediately vacated the area. When they got back to the Flame '96
>headquarters, the CLA attorney who was stationed there to help protect
>rights to witness in downtown Atlanta, was informed of the incident.
>Immediately, calls were placed to the police headquarters where the
>took place. After explaining the constitutional rights of these young
>people to share the Gospel, the officer in charge immediately conceded
>these soulwinners did have the right to hand out their literature. He
>only agreed that they were wrongfully escorted out of the area, but he
>said that all the soulwinners had to do is to come to his office and
>them know that they were going to hand out their tracts and he would
>sure that they would not be wrongfully excluded from the area.
>Instead, he
>promised that the police would provide them with special protection."
>(Minuteman Alert, September, 1996)
>Christian Law Association reports the importance of record keeping is
>imperative. If a ministry is sued, the records are the first thing
>requested by the opposing party. If records are kept haphazardly or
>inconsistently, have gaps, or even worse, are nonexistent, the school's
>will be a "legal nightmare". It is imperative to keep good, accurate
>records on a daily basis. CLA provides a legal resources that has
>sections on the reasons for recording keeping, what records to keep,
>and the
>benefits of an excellent record keeping system. They may be reached at
>Box 4010, Seminole, FL 34645-4010. (Minuteman Alert, September, 1996)
>MINUTEMAN ALERT, September, 1996, monthly prayer letter for the
>Law Association & Defender of the Faith Radio Ministry updates the
>legal concerns for prayer for America:
> INDIANA -- A ministry has been cited for distributing tracts in a
>park without a permit.
> WASHINGTON -- Soul winners are being told that they cannot distribute
>tracts in a public park even though last July the Mayor officially
>apologized to them for similar actions taken against them.
> TEXAS -- A soul winner is being told he cannot place religious tracts
>in a
>public display rack at a local mall.
> FLORIDA -- A woman was fired from her job because she would not work
>on Sunday.
> GEORGIA -- A pastor was arrested for silently holding up a Gospel sign
>on a
>public sidewalk for passing motorists to read.
>> OHIO -- A church seeking to buy land in an area where zoning requires
>minimum acreage.
> MASSACHUSETTS -- Soul winners are seeking the right to witness in
> FLORIDA -- A sidewalk counselor has been banned from witnessing at
>clinics by a city ordinance prohibiting this activity in front of the
> KENTUCKY -- Soul winners are being threatened with arrest for
>preaching in
>public streets and parks.
> TENNESSEE -- The right of Christians to use amplification equipment in
>city park on the same basis as other groups.
> TEXAS -- Governor George Bush would like to submit bills to the Texas
>Legislature to relieve the strict licensing requirements from such
>ministries as preschools, children's homes, nursing homes, and drug and
>alcohol treatment programs.
> FLORIDA -- Several churches have been billed for what are being called
>assessments." These assessments appear to be taxes by another name.
> TEXAS -- A trial court recently ruled that a church is liable for
>from five years before the church owned the property.
>(Minuteman Alert, September, 1996)
>"New York State has passed a law making possession of child pornography
>felony (see 'The Evil of Pornography,' Celebrate Life, May/June,
>(Celebrate Life, July/August, 1996)
>Baptist Bible Fellowship missionary Patrick Coleman writes "We have 25-
>people per day dying -- mostly of AIDS related diseases -- just in
>Zambia. In Kitwe and Ndola there are about 100 per day and numbers
>climb to
>an estimated 300 in the capital city of Lusaka. When we look at ways
>curb the spread of AIDS, the people -- men and women alike -- are
>incredulous at the suggestion of 'one man and one woman for life'. An
>American condom company has supplied inexpensive products selling for
>than 5 cents each and these are being advertised as 'safe' for our
>promiscuous society -- the 'Christian' nation of Zambia. ... HIV and
>is spreading so fast that published percentages are worthless.
>figures -- the 'official' and very optimistic ones -- are that over 20%
>the adult population is HIV positive. Private figures -- the
>yet probably more realistic ones -- push that number to well over 75%;
>including 90% of the military." (BBFI Missionary, Patrick Coleman)
>"Three men and a woman have been arrested following the rescue by
>police of two children who had been missing for several weeks.
>According to
>a report on sky News the girls, both eight years old, were malnourished
>had been sexually abused. Police searching the property of a locally
>pedophile discovered the remains of seven more children buried in the
>Other children remain missing. (Missionary to Germany, Benny King)
>"With the attempt to redefine marriage (same-sex marriages being
>promoted by
>the homosexual crowd) and the discussion of doing away with no-fault
>in Michigan, let us look at some ingredients for a happy and enduring
>marriage. First, realize that in the United States, 1.2 million
>divorce each year and 700,000 of these marriages involve children.
>Many of
>these marriage breakups are with our Christian school families.
>Conservative social critic Linda Chavez, points out, 'Now there is
>doubt based on overwhelming research -- that, on average, children of
>divorce are worse off than those who grow up in intact families.
>of divorce are more likely to be truant, to do poorly in school and to
>in trouble with the law than children who grow up with both parents.'
>Lawrence Burtoft, a social policy analyst, observes that 'no-fault
>not only has failed to bring about the happiness and freedom it
>promised, it
>has actually victimized women and children as well. The experiment
>tragically and inevitably -- for it pandered to human weakness and
>delinquency.'" (The MACS Monitor, August, 1996)
>"A new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll shows that voters rank moral and
>issues higher in their list of priorities in deciding how they will
>than either the economy or foreign policy. This is exactly the
>opposite of
>what the Washington establishment and much of the media believe."
>Alert, The MACS Monitor, August, 1996)
>The typical 25-year-old male inmate functions 2-3 grade levels below
>grade level actually completed; 60% of prison inmates are illiterate
>and 86%
>of all juvenile offenders have reading problems. U.S. Department of
>Education statistics show that the high school drop-out rate is 20% in
>country; in Japan the rate is 5% and in Russia, 2%. An English
>Proficiency Survey found that 37% of adults classified as illiterate do
>speak English at home. Up to 86% of non-English speakers who are
>in English are also illiterate in their native language. The National
>Literacy Survey found that between 21% and 23% of American adults are
>functioning at Level 1 and are only able to perform tasks involving
>uncomplicated text." An additional 25% to 28%, representing 50 million
>American adults are functioning at Level 2 and have skills that are
>varied" but "still quite limited." A significant percentage of the 90
>million adults at the two lowest levels of literacy proficiency
>themselves as reading or writing English "well" or "very well."
>News Service, August 29, 1996)
>Dr. Bob Jones, III, president of Bob Jones University, Greenville,
>Carolina writes: "The Collegiate Information Services, a Greenwich, CT
>that advises colleges, surveyed 502 guidance counselors in 1995 and
>that 85 percent say college has become too expensive. This was
>reported in
>USA Today, May 29, 1996." Dr. Bob III reports that Bob Jones
>annual room, board, and tuition costs are $8800 at the present time.
>It is
>less than half the national average for private colleges. (BJU Review,
>"A sexually-explicit Internet website promoting sex tourism in Asia and
>featuring photos of teen and pre-teen southeast Asian girls has been
>from the World Wide Web just seven hours after the Bangkok-based
>Against Prostitution & Child Abuse in Thailand" (CAPCAT) launched a
>world-wide e.mail campaign calling for its removal. The website owned
>'PVS Publications' of Santa Monica, California featured 'A Gentleman's
>to the Erotic World of Southeast Asia' included books, travel guides
>videos which focused on commercial sex in several Asian countries. It
>offered an escorted, 10-day 'Sex Tour to Thailand.'" (Forwarded from
>August 28, 1996)
>One such publishing house is Bob Jones University Press. According to
>BJU Review, BJU Press produces 2,758 products geared for quality,
>and inspiration. They have media that will minister to the entire
>A video collection from Unusual Films that includes "The Printing",
>"Sheffey", "Flame in the Wind", "Red Runs the River", and "Wine of
>has been packaged for $100.00. The latest Unusual Films video release,
>"Beyond the Night", tells the true story of a medical missionary couple
>Africa. There is fiction for every age. This is an excellent source
>materials for home schooling and the needs of missionaries training
>children in distant places. BJU Press can be contacted at BJU Press,
>Greenville, SC 29614-0062, U.S.A.
>"Ellen Cooke, the former national treasurer for the Episcopal Church in
>United States, arrived at the Federal Prison Camp at Alderson, West
>Virginia, at noon" August 26th, to begin a five-year sentence for
>more than US$2 million from her church. (ENI News Highlights, August
>27, 1996)
>"The debate rages among pro-life people over the merits of the
>approach to political action versus the 'pragmatic' approach. Believers
>the 'principled' approach say, 'No compromise over the inalienable
>right of
>personhood.' Once we admit that deliberate taking of human life is
>justified, even if not in all circumstances, they argue, we have
>he moral high ground and so forfeited the public debate. These
>characteristically refuse to support proabortion politicians who
>only marginal restrictions on abortion, such as taxpayer funding. The
>'pragmatic' pro-lifers, on the other hand, argue that saving lives
>priority over principle. I.e., we must do whatever is politically
>to save a few babies now, even if that means temporarily supporting
>politicians who are not pro-life. A 'pro-choice' office holder who
>restrictions, the argument goes, will result in fewer dead babies than
>who allows no restrictions at all." (Allen B. Dobey, Celebrate Life,
>July/August, 1996)
>"'Fewer women are getting pregnant, and fewer of those who do are
>abortions,' according to American Medical News. There were 1.3 million
>surgical 'abortions in 1993, down 2.1% from 1992. Adding an estimated
>876,000 stillbirths and miscarriages, there were 6.2 million
>pregnancies in
>1993. In 1992, there were 6.5 million. The decline in births and
>continues a trend that began in 1991. Abortions dropped 2.8% in 1991
>2.1% in 1992. Births declined 1.1% in 1991 and another 1.1% in 1992.
>figures do not include those lives that ended before implantation.)
>women who had surgical abortions in 1993 'were younger than 25, white
>single'; 92% had the abortion 'in their home state. Slightly over half
>abortions were done within the first eight weeks of pregnancy; 89% in
>first 12 weeks.'" (Celebrate Life, July/August, 1996)
>"In 1994 Americans spent considerably more on lotteries than they gave
>their churches, according to Associated Baptist Press (ABP). (ENI News
>Highlights, August 23, 1996)
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