Cool guided tours from Stanford.

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Tue, 10 Sep 96 05:18:32 PDT

The Case against Microsoft

This tour will examine the case against Microsoft, and an
important backdrop for this analysis will be the profound impact
that Intel and Microsoft have exerted on the computer industry
generally. However, at issue specifically, are the assertions that:
(a) technological linkage in software is a real and significant
advantage to Microsoft, and an advantage that, in and of itself,
moves unerringly, automatically and unfairly from layer to layer in
the so-called software hierarchy; (b) that this linkage yields a
network effect in the marketplace that operates under the
economic law of increasing returns and moves substantially
beyond just software; (c) that the government should therefore
restrict the effects of such linkage and network effects through
regulation or even elimination; and (d) that Microsoft's
exploitation of linkage in the personal computer software industry
is damaging to the industry, the US, and particularly Silicon

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They have other tours, too. Like micromanipulation, enhancing HCI,
computers and the military, and stanford-silicon valley connection.
Fun stuff.