KUCI Top 30 9/9/96

Jim Whitehead (ejw@ics.uci.edu)
Tue, 10 Sep 1996 08:42:51 -0400

And now you can't say you've never seen these bands before... ;-)

- Jim


1. Low-The Curtain Hits The Cast-Vernon Yard/Caroline
2. Howie B.-Music For Babies-Island
3. Fin-Fin-Catorce Index
4. Phantom Surfers-Instanbul b/w Tokyo Twist (7")-Lookout!
5. O Yuki Congugate-Sunchemical Remixes-Staalplaat
6. The Crabs-Brainwashed-K
7. American Analog Set-The Fun Of Watching Fireworks-Emperor Jones
8. Edith Frost-Untitled-Drag City
9. Photek-The Hidden Camera (Ep)-Astralwerks
10. Go Sailor-Untitled-Lookout!
11. Bosshog-Winn Coma (EP)-DGC
12. Cub-Box Of Hair-Mint/Lookout!
13. Muslimgauze-Salaam Aleikum...Bastard-Soleilmoon
14. Delta 72-The R & B Of Membership-Touch And Go
15. Various Artists-Future Sounds of Jazz-Instinct
16. Holiday-Ready, Steady, Go!-March
17. Deadbolt-Tijuana Hit Squad-Cargo
18. Future Loop Foundation-Time And Bass-Planet Dog
19. Couch Of Eureka-Year Of The Zombie-Lookout!
20. Jonathan Richman-Surrender To Jonathan-Vapor
21. Secret Stars-Untitled-Shrimper
22. Modest Mouse-This Is A Long Drive For Someone With...-Up
23. Reveng Of The Flying Luttenbachers-Untitled-Skin Graft
24. Barry Adamson-Oedipus Schmoedipus-Mute
25. Donuts And Glory-When The Pregnasaurus Ruled The Earth-Liberation
26. The Oblivians-Popular Favorites-Crypt

27. Boredoms-Super Roots 6-Reprise
28. Mike & Rich-Expert Knob Tweakers-Rephlex
29. Panasonic-Osasto EP-Mute

30. Moonshake-Dirty & Divine-C/Z Records
Dura Delinquent-Untitled-Echostatic/Spaceboy
Servotron-No Room For Humans-Amphetamine Reptile
Dust In My Heart-Wind In My Heart-Parasol/Mud
Cruel, Cruel Moon-Still Life-Moonbase

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