Re: Bechtolscheim at Red Herring: ATM will die.

Rohit Khare (
Tue, 10 Sep 96 15:08:18 -0400

PCWeek's rumor column noted:

> El Gato is always curious what happens to those internal
> projects that suddenly get made obsolete by an
> acquisition. Cisco, Spence hears, had a six-month
> development under way for Gigabit Ethernet technology
> before it announced last week that it's buying Gigabit
> Ethernet startup Granite Systems. The internal development
> team is reportedly feeling a bit, uh, nervous.

On another front, note that this delay did not hold up MS's leaking and FUD
campaign about how nifty and imminent Wolfpack is (right Adam?):

> Waiting for a Windows NT clustering solution? You have
> a while longer to wait. The MS development team working
> on Wolfpack (the code name for the clustered product)
> has suffered defections and is at least a year from
> delivering a product, say those in the Katt's corner.

This would really shake things up:

> The way Le Chat heard it, within 45 days, AOL was supposed
> to surprise the online industry by announcing AOL Phone,
> enabling all 6.2 million members to call each other (and
> possibly those on the Net). AT&T and GTE apparently got
> tipped off, and their lawyers were trying to cut off the
> signal at the passive-net pass.

But, of course, AOL would be charging pretty close to a dime a minute anyway...

Most interestingly:

> It takes a lot to float the boat of His Hirsuteness, but
> a tour of a new offline browser did just that. ArrIve,
> from startup called I-Fusion (_http//www.ifusion.com_),
> isn't just a browser. It's actually a multimedia content
> platform more closely related to cable TV than to anything
> in the PC world. ArrIve brings you "content channels,"
> each with its own content developed specifically for the
> ArrIve network, the Katt learned.

Glad to know the computer industy still can't CaPiTaLiZe consonants
consistently... RK