Re: Time Cover Story: Winner Take All.

I Find Karma (
Wed, 11 Sep 96 05:43:05 PDT

Argh! Yet another invokation of the Internet as Telephone
Network Analogy (tm):

"The Internet is like the phone system, which ties callers from around
the world together via a web of data-transmission lines. On the Net,
giant computers, called servers, are linked together via telephone lines
and fiber-optic cable."

And that's not the only metaphor this page mixes:

"The real work on the Net is done by special server computers that ladle
out data like line cooks in a cafeteria. Web browsers type in addresses
(those http:// commands) that connect them to the servers."

Also, check out

Some funny lines here include:

"Explorer's easy-to-follow design reflects Microsoft's dozen years of
selling software. It's the browser your mom will use."

"Explorer 3.0 runs best on -- big surprise -- Windows-powered PCs. Mac
versions are promised, but don't hold your breath."