Re: Time Cover Story: Winner Take All.

I Find Karma (
Wed, 11 Sep 96 13:52:10 PDT

A User Who Wishes to Remain Anonymous wrote:

> >Argh! Yet another invokation of the Internet as Telephone
> >Network Analogy (tm):
> You mean you don't like this analogy? But it's perfect!
> Joe user sends messages to sci.this and comp.that every day or two.
> Exactly like a phone call. To be precise, like an international
> conference call with a thousand colleagues spread around the globe.
> What?
> You say that you don't make that kind of call very often?
> Why is that?

Um, because I have half a brain in my head?

No, wait, that's not what I meant.


Your Personal Net (, which opened officially last week,
is rilly rilly good. I highly recommend you visit if you haven't

First there was HOMR/RINGO/Firefly, which I thought was inadequate at
making recommendations to me the home user, but a good first stab. Over
in the corner were Web Hound (or whatever it's now called) plus those
filtering folks in one of those midwest state universities. Then there
was and whose customized
recommendations were even better. YPN does a really good job of
customizing and giving regular updates of new web material. Plus,
if you visit the Web page today, the cover story is Cameron Diaz.

=) Adam


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