the kind of thing i love

Joe Kiniry (
Tue, 1 Oct 96 09:02:39 PDT

so, i'm working from home for a while this morning and i've just read a
semi-review of msnbc in a two week old new yorker (i catch up about once
a month, what with reading all the mags that i do). now, i now a few
forkers have forwarded links to infomation in the sight, so something must
be worth reading there. i fire up my next, dial in, and run my web browser
with the fine guess of

what do i get? a black screen, perhaps nine times the size of my display,
filled with unresolved image links (i'm dialing in, so my browser doesn't
download images automatically) and _nothing else_. man that's fine. talk
about killing a segment of the populus. of course, what do they care, catering
to microwashed robots who only run ie 3.0. well, i guess this is best viewed
with that eleven megabyte monstrosity over a fat pipe, and you know what? -
that's not me and never will be.

pardon me while i go insane.


ps. (quietly)