Three Days In The Valley

Rohit Khare (
Fri, 4 Oct 1996 16:28:16 -0400

Watch out, LA --

Louise & I are coming out for a wild weekend in the Valley (San
Fernaayndooh, thaht is...). Since, of course, I am the TRAVELMAN (as Bob
Cringely puts it), we're flying out in First Class for...

$55 each way!

Yep, one more for "The United Fare System Cracks Under Pressure" file...
take a $298 weekender fare that rises from the dead this Fall and combine a
free-companion certificate with a supposedly non-combinable $50-off coupon
you schmooze the desk agent into making a $80-off coupon (without asking
you see, just a raconteur's personal charm :-) == $226.92 for two.

So, here's the scoop:

October 18th, Bos->LAX, United #165, 5:30PM-8:39PM

Avis rental, third day free coupon -- they say convertibles are sold out,
but we'll see about that with a few waves of the mirrorplated Preferred
Select card :-)

October 21st, LAX->Bos, United #166, 3:20PM-11:35PM

For those of you playing the home game, after accounting for the trip to
Vegas 10/14-16, it's flight #165 that puts me over the top for 1K status --
and what appear
to be upcoming trips to Frankfurt, Sophia-Antipolis, and Stockholm this
month and next will force me to aim for 125,000... sigh, if only I had any
*use* for those damn miles :-)


PS. For you fall European travellers, Frankfurt is on sale for $344, 7 day
adv, Saturday night stay, most airlines. For you Premier Execs, that's
nearly -$200...

PPS. Yes, I know everyone wants details on the trip from Adam, but we'll
have to wait a while for the 80+ pages of notes and 500 photos to be
PICS-labeled :-)