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Sat, 5 Oct 1996 07:01:39 -0400


It's a long story. I got distracted eyeing a red bikini (turns out its
owner was named Stephanie, we have a snap for the album...) and got a
lost heading back to shore. Adam has all the details, including names and
beach details, but suffice it to say, it's brought a certain clarity to
my life 1) about the importance of getting on to the Big One instead of
pissing away years working for nimrods and 2) the lengths one must go to
for women alone :-)

The backup lifeguard was the '94 champ, perhaps people on this list know
these folks... adam, names?

As for the beer part, that's all the thanks they wanted. So while I
rehydrated on the beach sucking down an evian Adam pilfered from the Air
France First Class Lounge 18,000 miles and 8 days before, Rob brought forth
the requested case of cold ones.

You know, I've thought since that this is precisely the kind of thing I
might use a Platinum Card for. If I could afford it, I'd like to call up
AmEx and say, "There's this lifeguard somewhere on the northern end of Oahu
whose name is ____. Please deliver him a case of cold Budweiser every week
for a year. Bye." That USAssist concierge service is something else... RK

PS. Somehow I'm not surprised that when I ventured out to Alta Vista to
search for USAssist, the ONLY relevant link was the first one...

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