HTML Hell...

Dan Connolly (
Tue, 08 Oct 1996 01:59:10 -0400

Sally and Rohit,

I just bust a gut over this one...

by Eric Raymond, editor of the hacker's dictionary:



You Know You're In Style Hell When You See...

angst and pretentiousness

We were originally going to vent our spleen at black backgrounds,
until we realized that black is not the problem. It's the three
overlapping populations of losers that compose 99% of the black
backgrounds on the Web that are the problem. These are (a)
cooler-than-thou art fags, (b) angst-ridden adolescents, and (c) the
kind of coffeehouse trendoids who actually believe subscribing to
Wired makes them hip. Clue: angst and pretentiousness are
boring. People who spew bad poetry and/or make a fetish of writing in
all-smalls and/or traffic in fuzzy images of mediocre avant-garde art
should slit their wrists or join a commune or do anything else that
will keep their self-indulgent sludge off the Web.