Re: HTML Hell...

CobraBoy (
Mon, 7 Oct 1996 23:31:48 -0700

>Sally and Rohit,
>I just bust a gut over this one...
>by Eric Raymond, editor of the hacker's dictionary:
>You Know You're In Style Hell When You See...
>angst and pretentiousness
>We were originally going to vent our spleen at black backgrounds,
>until we realized that black is not the problem. It's the three
>overlapping populations of losers that compose 99% of the black
>backgrounds on the Web that are the problem. These are (a)
>cooler-than-thou art fags, (b) angst-ridden adolescents, and (c) the
>kind of coffeehouse trendoids who actually believe subscribing to
>Wired makes them hip. Clue: angst and pretentiousness are
>boring. People who spew bad poetry and/or make a fetish of writing in
>all-smalls and/or traffic in fuzzy images of mediocre avant-garde art
>should slit their wrists or join a commune or do anything else that
>will keep their self-indulgent sludge off the Web.

Well speaking about "those" people, it looks like I'm finally kicked off
the Voxers mailing list. I committed the sin of sending a hacked extension
for the Mac, created at Apple computer no less, that changed your interface
to the now canceled (sorry suspended in development) Copland high tech
look. This was a mortal sin to the Voxers. Although the aurgument was made
that 90% of the Voxers use Unix and Wintel machines, I'm sure it was
nothing more than jealousy.

oh well...



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