GTE Airfone Holiday Calling Card Offer

Rohit Khare (
Wed, 16 Oct 1996 13:17:09 -0400

[I just got this when downloading United Connection 2.0 which can now
reserve flts over an IP connection]
[this is a definite WINNER -- unfortunately, I only have one flight
scheduled so far in December :-(
I would have killed for this on our round-the-world, since overwater
satphone is still $10/min ]

Just in time for the holidays, your friends at GTE Airfone have a special
offer! Available now, GTE Airfone's Holiday Calling Card is good for
unlimited use of all Airfone services during the entire month of December.
It's a value worth hundreds of dollars for just $24.95, plus tax, shipping
and handling. With this card you can call as often as you like, and talk
for as long as you like. The card covers every Airfone service, including
domestic and international calls, over-water satellite link-ups, and new
features like three-way calling and seat-to-seat connections.
The card can be used flight after flight from December 1st through the
31st. The card is perfect for anyone flying even once in December,
including vacationing family members, returning students, executive
clients, international-bound travelers, or traveling employees.

the GTE Airfone Holiday Calling Card on your shopping list. To order, call
1-800-274-8782. Make sure to mention that you are a United Connection