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>now that they're moving to test this (finally), they neglected to mention
>if uploads are wireless, or over the lines...
>Link to Internet to be tested
>By Joanna Bean
>American Telecasting Inc. plans to offer Internet access over its wireless
>cable TV
>system in Colorado Springs later this year in a test of the new service.
>Springs-based American Telecasting said it will work with MCI
>Corp., a subsidiary of the long-distance phone giant, for the trial.
>MCI plans to provide American Telecasting with complimentary access to
>phone lines
>that will connect American Telecasting customers with the Internet. The
>companies have
>drawn up a preliminary letter of intent that outlines the trial, an MCI
>spokesman said.
>The test is designed to show how well American Telecasting's wireless
>works for Internet access. American Telecasting also wants to figure out
>customers really want wireless Internet service and how best to offer such
>a service.
>American Telecasting officials could not be reached to comment on when the
>service will be available, how much it will cost, how the service will
>work, whether it
>will require additional equipment and which customers will be offered the
>The announcement is a big one for American Telecasting, which has been
>saying all year
>that it plans to become more than a cheap alternative to cable service by
>offering new
>The company currently has 178,000 subscribers in 39 markets who get cable
>programming delivered over the air to a rooftop antennae. The programming
>package is
>typically priced below the traditional cable operator in town, offering
>slightly fewer
>American Telecasting, the country's largest wireless cable service, also
>wants to offer
>telephone service and digital TV programming. Company officials have said
>cable technology is the best way to deliver telecommunications services at
>a price
>customers want.
>That American Telecasting is working with MCI also is significant, said
>Allard, an attorney who works with wireless cable companies and the
>Wireless Cable
>"You can expect to see a lot of (similar announcements) because the
>wireless spectrum
>is such an excellent way to offer high-speed Internet access," Allard said.
>"This one is
>exciting because if combines the largest wireless cable operator with the
>leadership of MCI."
>MCI spokesman Les Kumagai said MCI plans to offer the phone lines to American
>Telecasting for three months, then evaluate the partnership. For its part,
>MCI will get to
>study the wireless cable technology and possibly recruit new customers to
>its own
>services as part of the trial.


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