Re: Wascally Wubble Woos

Joe Kiniry (
Fri, 18 Oct 96 09:28:29 -0800

Ron wrote:
> Ideally, all sites should drop www immediately (a la
> being reachable at Since this obvisously isn't going to
> happen web-wide by Ron-edict,
> let's at least get some browser macro smarts: e.g. <http://xxxxxx
> macro expands to
> <http://www.xxxxxx, and in turn to <,
> unless I specifically say otherwise.

while i have no problem with building heuristics into browsers to
solve lazy/stupid users' lives (not i'm categorizing with that 97%
rule again), i _do_ have a problem with browser vendors do it
incorrectly. for instance, i often type relative urls into my
browser to jump to pages which are accessible but not linked on the
current page. i've been bitted by a "feature" of netscape in the
past when it assumed i was one of those idiot users and didn't know
what a relative url was and instead of going to http://www/foobar/
it went to grrrr. i don't know if any of
the dozens of top browsers do this anymore (note my sarcasm in the
free market of computer software - remember the days when
salespeople we dying to sell word 2.0 and its main selling feature
was the fact that it could read in eight bazillion different word
processing formats semi-correctly?), but i wouldn't be surprised.

> Finally, I was anonymously told (by a recently-relocted-to-Pasadena
> type- ok, not so anonymous)
> that the way to make an impression on FoRK is to come out swinging
> in the general direction of RK, a duhhh-bil-yu-three-cee (5
> syllables) kinda guy ;-). OK. Mission accomplished.

well....not really. i think that person said "impressed RK with
your techno-savvy-ness and he won't bite as hard" not "attack
something he is partially involved with and probably agrees with you
on". :)