Re: Wascally Wubble Woos

Rohit Khare (
Fri, 18 Oct 1996 13:28:23 -0400

> Where's the problem?

It continues to interfere with the world market for consonants, though...

> >[...prepend "www." by default, append ".com", prepend http://, &c...]

Note that *real* browsers like OmniWeb already do this.. Unlike the Wintel
shit I'm being forced to use these days.

> The default really should be to replace any URL by
> That would save an awful lot of grief. So Rohit, when will the W3C
> standardize this?

As soon as that loser imaging company sells out to digital.
More proof that you should never launch a project without staking out the
domain name first...

> Actually, I disagree with everything you suggested.
> Then again, my URL is

Well, it's not as if there's interesting information in *France*, after
all... .COM rulez! :-)

> >The other bit of this I love (hate?) is that 'w' is not even a letter
> >in all Latin-based alphabets! Pity the poor Italians, for example [...]
> Or the French... neither w nor k were in the alphabet initially, but
> then people imported the word "weekend"! (Because it's so much shorter
> than "fin de semaine"...)

But unfortunately still only 48 hours long...