Re: Wascally Wubble Woos

I Find Karma (
Fri, 18 Oct 96 11:28:54 PDT

> > Where's the problem?
> It continues to interfere with the world market for consonants, though...

Rohit, make sure you move your vowels at least twice daily or you'll get

> > >[...prepend "www." by default, append ".com", prepend http://, &c...]
> Note that *real* browsers like OmniWeb already do this.

Does this make OmniWeb the FoRK Official Browser While On The Toilet
(FOBWotT) [Microsoft patent pending]?

> Unlike the Wintel shit I'm being forced to use these days.

Speaking of Microsoft, does anyone else have the nagging urge to mail
their shoes to them? My Windows 95 screen keeps popping up an error box
telling me to do it, and quite frankly, I'm considering it.

> > The default really should be to replace any URL by
> >
> As soon as that loser imaging company sells out to digital.
> More proof that you should never launch a project without staking out the
> domain name first...

Speaking of which, is available yet?

Or should we just do Gordon's idea and buy up .munchkin ?

> > Actually, I disagree with everything you suggested.
> > Then again, my URL is
> Well, it's not as if there's interesting information in *France*, after
> all... .COM rulez! :-)

So it IS true... ordering too many sandwiches from McDonalds'
Arch-Deluxe menu gives a controlled form of dain bramage.

> > Or the French... neither w nor k were in the alphabet initially, but
> > then people imported the word "weekend"! (Because it's so much shorter
> > than "fin de semaine"...)
> But unfortunately still only 48 hours long...

Unless you're Rohit. Then a weekend is 4 days long and spans 8 cities
in 3 time zones.

-- Adam


Maybe that's why they started keeping score like that. Point. Make it
15, let's just get this over with.
-- Jerry Seinfeld