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Rohit Khare (
Thu, 24 Oct 1996 07:34:42 -0700

I vaguely remember that this fellow was a documentary photographer who's
well known in digital circles. He took photos throughout the newton
project, for example, and produced a coffee-table book on the birth of the
newton (I have this one). There were also persistent stories that he had
done the same for NeXT over a period of years, but of course mercurial
Steve canned the permissions at the end.

Bitchin' find, Tim.


In 1987, Menuez began specializing in black-and-white photojournalism of
business and technology. He has completed special assignments, annual
reports, books, videos and long-term documentary projects worldwide for
such companies as Apple Computer, Adobe Systems, Beckman Instruments,
Eastman Kodak Company, J.P. Morgan, and Sun Microsystems.

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