Re: Spyglass dances with the devil

CobraBoy (
Thu, 24 Oct 1996 13:34:55 -0700

At 8:02 AM -0700 10/24/96, Rohit Khare wrote:
>Well, is this what becomes of partnering with MS? Spyglass reduced to a
>client-side browser component pusher for all comers except Windows? I think
>Spyglass is doing the Right Thing and I hope they succeed, but this ain't
>no Netscape anymore.

pot calling the kettle black?

>Spyglass unveils Internet product plans
>By James Niccolai
>InfoWorld Electric

>Spyglass will make an undisclosed but "hefty investment" to double research
>and development of its three product lines -- device connectivity,
>infrastructure/performance, and applications such as e-mail, said Randy
>Littleson, vice president of marketing.

I don't get this. e-mail is a hefty investment?

Everyone uses Eudora. Well let me put it another way. Those of us with free
will use Eudora.




"The future masters of technology will have to be lighthearted and intelligent. The machine easily masters the grim and the dumb." - Marshall McLuhan 1969

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