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CobraBoy (tbyars@earthlink.net)
Sun, 3 Nov 1996 09:22:21 -0800

I'm actualy thinking of joining AOL with their new $9.95 unlimited pricing.
While browsing their site I came across this...

I'm not sure if it was yet another party or this, but I suddenly feel a
little queesy.


Exclusive Content

Youth Tech: Jeremy
founder, started with a
local BBS, then hosted
a forum on
eWorld, and now hosts
Youth Tech,
AOL's technology
community for kids and
teens. Kids hungry for
technology and a
home online turn to
Youth Tech for
message boards, live
events, and answers
to satisfy their
computer curiosity. It's
technology for kids,
by kids. Keyword:
Youth Tech.

Highlights Online:
Remember reading
Highlights as a kid?
Now AOL offers the
first online version
of your favorite
childhood magazine.
Highlights Online
showcases Hidden
Pictures, Goofus &
Gallant, and The
Timbertoes, plus a
wealth of stories,
rebus stories, articles,
crafts, activities,
jokes and riddles, and
more. Children can now
post their letters
to the Dear Highlights
message board and
submit artwork,
stories, and poems to the
Our Own Pages gallery
online. Senior
Science Editor Dr.
Jack Myers answers
frequently asked
science questions, and
children can search a
database of stories
and articles for
school reports. Keyword:

Ringling Online:
Within Ringling
Online, AOL members
and children of all
ages can catch up on
the latest elephant
jokes, download
three-ring images and
sound bites, play
fast-paced competitive
contests on NTN
Trivia, experience the
illustrious and
colorful history of Ringling
Bros., meet famous
Ringling Bros.
performers, attend
Clown College Online,
check out the tour
dates of Ringling Bros.,
take a
behind-the-scenes tour of The
Greatest Show On
Earth, and even e-mail
the cyberspace
Ringmaster! Plus, by
joining the Kids'
Advisory Board, kids
have a voice in
Ringling Online's future
offerings. Keyword:

Living on the Edge

ParaScope: ParaScope
is a forum
dedicated to
investigating, researching,
and answering those
mysteries, rumors,
incidents, and ideas
ignored or shunned by
the mainstream media.
Created by a
talented group of
journalists, researchers,
and investigators,
ParaScope is the most
up-to-date spot in
cyberspace for
information on those topics
that lie on the fringe
of human
Keyword: Parascope.

The Hub: Offering
everything from early
morning professional
Dream Analysis to
the cross-country
annals of John The
Hitchhiker, The Hub is
aimed at the
ever-growing numbers
of young adult
cybersurfers hungry
for exciting new
content. Covering
entertainment, arts &
relationships, the latest (and
strangest) news, and
much more, The Hub
offers an original,
irreverent slant not
likely to be found
anywhere else in the
real or cyber world.
Keyword: Hub.

Insomniacs Asylum:
Developed for the
late-night crowd,
Insomniacs Asylum
proves more
stimulating than coffee and
Coke. With areas like
Women with Balls,
a sassy women's comedy
troupe, and
Dementia, a place
where anything is
reality, you'll be
hard-pressed to sleep after
visiting the
Insomniacs Asylum. Keyword:

Extreme Fans:
Extreme Fans, a new
interactive sports
forum, provides a
entertaining, and
comprehensive look at
all aspects of
professional and
collegiate baseball,
football, and
basketball--from the locker
room to the stadium to
the fans' living
room. Developed for
and by serious fans,
Extreme Fans is the
only online sports area
offering a forum for
sports fanatics to
engage in unabashedly
biased sports
reporting and
commentary while keeping
up with the stats and
trading of their
favorite players.
Keyword: Fans.

Antagonist, Inc.:
Antagonist, Inc. is the
dark, digital mosh pit
dedicated to
competition. From
member-driven online
entertainment to
interactive reviews of
offline computer and
video games,
Antagonist, Inc.,
straps the user into the
cockpit from day one.
Features include
Head to Head, gaming
forums; Eye to Eye,
reviews of the latest
games; Hand to Hand,
software libraries of
the best games; and
Mouth to Mouth,
message boards and chat
about the victories
and defeats in the
online gaming world.
Keyword: ANT.

Families and

Love@AOL: A one-stop
venue for
meeting and wooing
that certain someone
online and,
eventually, in person,
Love@AOL offers tips
and advice for
finding the love of a
lifetime online. The
Love@AOL Departments
feature three
distinct areas where
members can interact
with one another:
Looking For Love,
Falling In Love, and
Love Offline. Love
birds can also engage
in The Daily Poll,
where members are
queried on hot dating
issues, or get answers
to sticky dating and
love questions from
The Perfect Couple.
Keyword: Love@AOL.

Moms Online: A forum
dedicated solely
to supporting,
nurturing, and entertaining
moms, Moms Online
serves as a vital
source of information
as well as a place
where mothers can
relax and enjoy moral
support and words of
Moms Online is the
brainchild of
team Katharine and Rob
de Baun. Familiar with
AOL, the duo
knew the online medium
was the perfect
solution for mothers
looking for support.
No longer would mom
have to arrange
for a babysitter to
interact with other
adults. Keyword: Moms

NetGirl: Dating in
real life can be hard,
but not seeing your
lover face to face
creates more than just
confusion. NetGirl
guides you through the
ups and downs of
dating and finding
friends online. She's
Dear Abby, Dr. Ruth,
and your best friend
all rolled into one.
And the NetGirl forum
is a caring community
that has advice and
tears and success
stories to share. With the
help of NetGirl and
the NetGirl
community, love is
never far away.
Keyword: NetGirl.


"The Internet is the first thing that humanity has built that humanity doesn't understand." ...Eric Schmidt, Sun Microsystems

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