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Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. has
announced the development of the world=EDs
first 1-gigabyte dynamic random access
memory (DRAM) chip, which promises to
change the future of computers.
SEC invested approximately $272
million to develop this ultra-small device
that=EDs capable of storing information
equivalent to more than 8,000 newspaper
pages or 400 still pictures. The 1-gigabyte
DRAM chip will be commercially available
in 2002, with full-scale production in

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Samsung=EDs 1-gigabyte DRAM chip is
suitable for mass producing super-fast
integrated circuits that deliver high speed
and retain low-power consumption the
basic requirements for next-generation
portable multimedia products.
In addition to its high density, the new
DRAM chip delivers an operating speed of
30 nanoseconds by applying "multibank
synchronous" structure in its design.
Samsung=EDs new DRAM chip will be
used initially in future generation PCs and
Later applications will include use in
products that require rapid processing of
vast amounts of data such as: video
conference systems with interpretation
ability, medical systems, satellite
telecommunications, personal digital
assistants, high-definition television, 3D
graphics and other digital multimedia


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