Re: Duck's Transgression

Dr. Ernest N. Prabhakar (
Sat, 9 Nov 96 16:43:57 -0800

Not bad, not bad at all.

Self flagellation isn't quite as good as self-mockey, nor does it =
cost as much, but it does help add to the mix.

Don't worry duck, you'll do fine. And this is penance, not =
punishment, so you'll be redeemed once you finish. Here's a few to =
help you out:

sad dumb suck
bad dusk scum
or even
dud mass buck (if you are a New England counterfeiter)

And, don't be afraid to post again. After all, every now and then =
someone BESIDES Rohit has to make fool of themself in public, or he =
starts getting uppity.

Always glad to help,

-- Ernie Prabhakar

High Pundit and First Mocker
ex-Chaplain of

Duck wrote:
> Rohit -
> I must humbly throw myself upon the mercy of the court. My intent
> was to forward the message to other friends, but being the
> inexperiened young 97 percenter that i am, i returned the message =
> whence it came, thereby offending God and my country, and =
> hang my head in shame. As Adam might say, words cannot convey my
> contrition. This is why i generally read FoRK and rarely post, a
> habit i would do well to rediscover.
> RE: Punishment.
> duck
> dumbass
> loser
> infidel
> (alternate spellings used to accomodate task specifications)