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CobraBoy (
Fri, 15 Nov 1996 08:44:39 -0700

At 9:16 AM -0700 11/15/96, Ron Resnick wrote:
>I'm just tired of each and every HotBot and AltaVista and Excite and Four11
>out there having it's own unique GUI search interface, having no programmatic
>search interface, having its own unique GUI object-ref (ie URL) registration
>interface, having no programmatic object-ref registration i/f. Also, I'm
>by how they all concentrate on string based searches, as if the only
>properties an object
>can have worthy of forming predicates on are string based. 3 decades of
>progress on predicate-based queries and SQL have brought us to this??

I hate to sound like the flag waving Apple guy here, but Apple has what
your looking for. It's called V-Twin and you should be able to find info
about it somewhere on their web site. It will be included in the Mac OS and
Whatever OS (tm) they go to.

By the way, in the thank god that I drink dept.

So I'm watching this live satellite thing from Apple last night. And they
show this little movie about how the future is going to work. With all this
neet protoyped stuff. And I'm watching NeXTStep 1989. And I'm just sitting
their shaking my head in bafflement. It's too bad that if you went around
and said Internet 1999 = NeXTStep 1989 no one would know what the hell you
were talking about.

Then their showing their new Cocoa stuff. Pretty neet, the thing is I had a
HyperCard stack from (again) 1989 that did all of that. It was internal
Apple. They also had a Finder that did all that as far as iconic based
scripting. I had one also.

So nothing has really changed since 1989, it has just been implemented.

But by far the neatest thing they showed, well two things. The Performa
Video editor with the AVID card. A honest to goodness AVID video editor for
the brain dead. Full screen full motion. 500 megs = 10 minutes. So a two
gig you could do your sitcom.

And the new Newton 2000 with the strong arm. Finally they kick some PDA ass.

I now officially want one.




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