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Do I really need this? What is it I'm supposed to be doing that I can't
read e-mail?


Date: Fri, 15 Nov 1996 18:00:44 -0800
To: tbyars@earthlink.net
From: RealAudio Talking E-mail <talkingmail@realaudio.com>
Subject: Scan the Web for Live News, Sports, & Music (Talking E-mail)

NEW! Improved sound
quality for all platforms.

| If you'd rather listen than read, |
| load this URL into your Web browser: |
| http://www.realaudio.com/hplus.ram |

Dear RealAudio Customer,

Since you downloaded our free RealAudio Player a while back,
you have heard some pretty amazing things on the Web.

Now you can hear even more with RealAudio Player Plus,
an enhanced version of the RealAudio Player.

RealAudio Player Plus has a scan feature that lets you
scan the Web for live music, radio, sports, and news.
It also has Preset Buttons, like a car radio, that
take you straight to your favorite RealAudio sites.

With RealAudio 3.0, RealAudio Player Plus allows you
to play near-CD quality audio over standard modems
using its PerfectPlay feature.

Please visit our Web site to find out more:


RealAudio Player Plus is also available in a retailer
near you.

We hope you enjoy RealAudio Player Plus,

Rob Glaser Bruce Jacobsen
Chairman & CEO, President & COO,
Progressive Networks Progressive Networks


"The future masters of technology will have to be lighthearted and intelligent. The machine easily masters the grim and the dumb." - Marshall McLuhan 1969

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