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CobraBoy (
Sat, 23 Nov 1996 08:51:29 -0700

While it certainly is possible to make improvements, it's doubtful that the
Usenet "talk radio" club, in its search for overly-simplistic and usually
wrong answers to very complicated problems will find it. High-volume
advocacy groups are better left for the endless inane discussions about how
PMT keeps machines from crashing and how dragging a floppy to the trash
renders the Mac interface useless; real technical discussions happen on
moderated groups (if someone wants to take the time to filter through all
the crap) or small mailing lists among people who tend to have widely
differing opinions but are known to have a core competency on the issues
that they are discussing. Usenet is not a substitute for real experience
on the platform to understand the real, complex issues involved.

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