Re: TLD buisiness?

I Find Karma (
Sun, 24 Nov 96 18:42:07 PST

Jim wrote...

> OK, maybe I'm missing something here, but it strikes me that these new
> Internet top level domains are a total gold mine, a major business
> opportunity right in front of our faces.

Actually, Gordon noted this in an earlier FoRKpost, I believe, but I
can't find that right now.

He was thinking about domain names like .fan, .liker, and .lover.
(So I could have an email address like adam@cat.lover).

> The economics: for a very low initial cost ($2k per TLD, plus $5k for a
> machine an internet connection), there is a potentially large revenue
> stream (it doesn't take many $50/year customers to recoup the initial
> investment, and the number of potential customers is very large).

I think Gordon was thinking about this the other way around. (Gordon,
correct me on this if I'm misrepresenting your opinion.) This is
potentially a very destructive force about to be unleashed as a very
small group of people take control over the top level domains...

> How about:
> .fm ( or
> .am
> .1
> .3 (kbig.104.3)
> .4
> (etc).
> .etc
> .law
> .dog
> .cat
> .pet (
> .jan
> .feb
> .mar
> (etc., these can be used for event-specific pages)
> .beer
> .wine (don't know if they have to be three letters long).

This are all pretty cool ideas.

> The major problem would be that it would require some effort to actually
> administer sales of domain names.

Yes, that's true.

> Any interest in actually purchasing a TLD or two?

Oh, absolutely.

On the other hand, how about guessing which new TLD will go first?