Re: I said that?

I Find Karma (
Fri, 6 Feb 1998 03:21:00 -0800

> in JoeBar's welcome perio, no?

Yeah, it wasn't the first message you sent him, but it was
in the sequence. See

Makes you long for the "good old days" two years ago, eh?

FoRKtrivia: only two FoRKposts (besides this one) have ever mentioned
the word "prostitute." The first was Tim Byars' politically incorrect
attempt at a lexicon a/k/a "The Totally Unofficial Rap Dictionary":

And the second from "Sidney Becker" during the most hectic posting
frenzy FoRK has ever seen

(More FoRKtrivia: that FoRKpost immediately followed your post about
Kleenex with Menthol.)

One more bit of FoRKtrivia and then I'll stop. Number of posts (besides
this one) that spell the word "millennium" as "millenium": 16, including
this gem from Joe Barrera entitled "Microsoft sucks":

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> Subject: I said that?
> Cool. I impress me.
> Please never cross the streams: Tim Byars and Robert Harley are both
> wild and crazy anti-establishmentarian hedonists, but they're
> mathematically, technically, follically, and morphologically worlds
> apart...
> -- Rohit Khare
> This was in JoeBar's welcome perio, no?


We have some problems requiring serious thought... and you're at the top
of our list of serious thinkers, Rohit.
-- John Klensin