Re: Overcoming masturbation.

I Find Karma (
Sun, 8 Feb 1998 04:19:42 -0800

> LOL......good answer on the "boring" comment...thanks, got a laugh out
> of that one.

Glad I could lighten the tone.

> I did not mean it was the first time surfing the web, I've been online
> for three (3) was the first time I commented on a web page.

Ah. Well, please don't let my vicious and cynical initial remarks
stop you from commenting on other peoples' pages in the future.

> >>Remind me, was your insulting me a comment or a suggestion?
> It was not an was merely my opinion on the writings of
> that web page. Whomever wrote that garbage is a very estranged person.

I've learned not to judge. There are 5.8 billion individuals in the
world, with 5.8 billion individual opinions on everything.

My goal is to learn as many points of view as I can, and reserve the
judgements for myself.

> God, gave of our bodies for endless reasons, and masturbation is one
> gift of self pleasure. If you are not the author ....then I am sorry.

Nice thing about masturbation is, at least it's sex with someone I
love. I believe Woody Allen said that.

And although I am not the author, I liked hearing his opinion.
As well as yours. Apology accepted.


Masturbation is nothing to be ashamed of. It's nothing to be
particularly proud of, either.
-- Matt Groening, "Life in Hell"