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Mon, 9 Feb 1998 13:27:21 -0500

An interview with Noel Godin, the "entarteur" who creamed Bill
Gates last week, is at,1042,1733,00.html

It turns out that Bill was betrayed by somebody on the staff
at Microsoft Belgium, who contacted Godin. Excerpts:

Q: Do you know why there's a traitor in the staff of Microsoft
Belgium? What were his motivations?

A: This man told us he really loved Bill Gates in the past, saying
that he was very cool and passionate. But little by little he
considered that his power had tainted him, and that he was becoming
more and more haughty with his own collaborators. So the man who
gave us the information considered, and he's not alone, that it
wouldn't be bad to teach Bill a lesson, to bring him back to
reality. That's how he explained to us why he was doing it. He's far
from being a member of our band, he's not an anarchist and he likes
his work with Microsoft, but he thought it had to happen.
Q: How many pies were thrown?

A: Four touched Bill Gates in the face. There were 25 pies in all.
One of the secrets of the gloupinesque operation is that you don't
have to throw the pies. You must put the pies point-blank in the
face of the victim.
Q: How did Bill Gates react?

A: He had a kind of promotional smile that became a kind of smile
made of sand...
Q: Do you cook the pies?

A: No, we are very lazy. We buy the pies in a shop nearby the place
of the crime. This time, the pies where coming from a little shop
called Au Petit Pain Frais, chauss=E9e de Haecht.=20

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