Re: Tempest in reverse: amplifying radiated signals through *SW*

David Crook (
Tue, 10 Feb 1998 12:15:23 -0800

I'm surpised that Microsoft didn't snatch up this technology, but not
for monitoring for pirated software. I'm sure they have some plan of
instituting a tax on every human being forcing to them to buy windows
2007 with integrated "Neuron Explorer" and Office. No, I see this
technology used for their redefine history campaign. They could have
every microsoft OS alter the display so that it puts out minute RF
interence. Just so it causes nearby radios to constantly broadcast
Microsoft Tru-isms(TM) at a barely audio level.

"NT is a real memory protected multitasking operating system".
"IE has always been part of windows 95, even before it was invented."
"That is Lessing guy is a communist dupe planted Netscape."
"Unix causes cancer"

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Rohit Khare wrote:
> Astounding! Aside from the improbable-sounding origin myth (but I AM
> prepared to believe it), it's really dumbfounding to realize how much
> physics us software people are oblivious to. Of course, at this very moment,
> my laptop has flatlined my clock-radio's reception, so I shouldn't have been
> as shocked as I was reading this.
> Rohit