Re: Clinton

Seth Golub (
Wed, 11 Feb 1998 11:41:21 -0800 (PST)

Jay Thomas <> writes:

> I find it pretty sad that no one cares about the fact that our
> country is run by a lying theiving amoral weasel and her equally
> appalling husband.

Maybe it's just that it's not news. Or maybe people just think it's
not significant compared to how he affects national law and policy.

I dislike Clinton for reasons far more important to me than any petty
abuses of power.

> "Hey, I have a job, my stocks are up, interest rates are stable.
> Who cares that the laws of the land are casually usurped every day
> by the supreme lawmaker, that we can't trust our leader?"

I think most people are just used to the idea that all politicians are
lying bastards who use their influence to escape law enforcement.

> Pretty pitiful that most people seem to believe that he *did* what
> he's accused of, but just don't care because the economy is good.

If the economy were bad, we'd all hate him for that reason, but still
wouldn't care about his philandering.

I think most people's reaction boils down to two words: "You idiot.".