3rd International WWW Caching Workshop - 15-17 June 1998

Rohit Khare (rohit@bordeaux.ICS.uci.edu)
Wed, 11 Feb 1998 12:56:49 -0800

How in heck did it get to the third? I hadn't heard of the first or second.
And besides, I had just accomodate my world to accept Usenix WITS (Workshop on
INternet Technologies) as a premier web-caching paper venue.

Henrik, Roy, any background?


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From: Paul Rendek <paul@terena.nl>
Subject: 3rd International WWW Caching Workshop - 15-17 June 1998
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Manchester, England, June 15-17 1998
University of Manchester

Invitation and Preliminary "Call for Papers"

Following on from previous successful workshops held at Warsaw and
Colorado, the 3rd International WWW Caching Workshop, organised by the
UK National JANET Caching Team in conjunction with TERENA, the
Trans-European Research and Education Networking Association, will be
held at the University of Manchester, England from 15-17 June 1998.
This is an invitation to participate and a preliminary call for papers.

The workshop is being held during the formal celebrations of the 50th
anniversary of the world's first stored program computer, designed and
built in Manchester. The workshop is not part of the official programme
however further details surrounding the 50th anniversary events are
available at: http://www.computer50.org/index.html


Papers are invited on all matters related to caching, but more
specifically in the following subject areas:

* Experiences in implementing national caches, regional caches and
Institution/site caches.
* Caching within organisations: departmental and discipline caches.
* Co-operative caching, e.g. using multicasting.
* Caching infrastructures/meshes.
* Caching software.
* Caching hardware.
* Caching of multimedia objects.
* Progress with the TERENA caching projects.
* Benefits of caching, user experiences, views, requirements etc.
* Cache server performance analysis/metrics

Please note: Other related topics will also be considered.


Full papers (maximum of 4000 words) are to be submitted. All papers
must be written in English and must contain the following:

- - the topic
- - title
- - author and institution
- - address, email and telephone number of the primary author

Electronic submission (via FTP or email) of HTML or ASCII documents
is highly recommended. Please use only elementary HTML commands and
minimise the number of files (one main HTML file, plus essential
figures in a general format such as GIF, referenced by relative URLs).
Send by email to: <workshop@wwwcache.ja.net>. Details regarding FTP
submission are available at http://wwwcache.ja.net/events/workshop/

Should electronic submission be impossible, please submit 4 copies
of double-spaced full paper manuscript (maximum 4000 words) with an
abstract to the organising committee at the address given below.

* Accepted papers must be re-submitted in the format required for
publication in the workshop proceedings. Submission instructions
will be supplied to authors of accepted papers.

Nearer the date of the workshop we intend to publish a Call for Short
Papers and Posters providing an opportunity to present late breaking
news in special sessions. Short papers will not be published in the
Workshop Proceedings.


An exhibition area will be available for demonstrations and for companies
sponsoring the workshop. Please contact: workshop@wwwcache.ja.net


Conference proceedings containing full papers will be published in
collaboration with TERENA. The Proceedings will also be published on
the UK National JANET Caching Service Web server prior to the workshop
at: http://wwwcache.ja.net/

TERENA Task Force (TF-CACHE) Meeting

The TERENA Task Force TF-CACHE will convene during the workshop week
and will present the latest results of their activities. The meeting
is open to all interested parties. For information about the TERENA
Task Force TF-Cache, please see the TERENA Web site:


The workshop will be held in a University of Manchester hall of residence.
Accommodation will be in student bedrooms (not ensuite) and will be
available on the Saturday and Sunday nights preceeding and on the
Wednesday night following the workshop. A limited number of double room
facilities will be available. Accommodation in city centre hotels will
also be available to workshop participants. The hall of residence has
fully equipped lecture theatres and several workrooms for breakout
sessions and meetings. Breakfast, lunches and evening meals will
be provided during the course of the Workshop.

The cost for attending the full three days will be in the range
200 - 400 pounds sterling.


If you are interested in attending the 3rd International WWW Caching
Workshop it would useful for the organising committee if you
indicated an interest in doing so as soon as possible. Please send
an email to: <workshop@wwwcache.ja.net>


31st March 1998: Full manuscript due.
15th May 1998: Notification of acceptance to authors.
31st May 1998: Registration cut-off date.
15-17 June 1998: International WWW Caching Workshop
31st August 1998: Camera-ready papers due.


Programme Committee:

Local Organisation:
George Neisser <George.Neisser@mcc.ac.uk>
John Heaton <J.Heaton@mcc.ac.uk>

TERENA Conference Officer:
Paul Rendek <rendek@terena.nl>


3rd International WWW Caching Workshop
c/o The JANET Caching Team
Manchester Computing
University of Manchester
Manchester, M13 9PL
Tel: +44 (0) 161 275 6008/ Fax: +44 (0) 161 275 6040

Email: <workshop@wwwcache.ja.net>

* Details regarding submission deadlines, bookings facilities,
papers, etc. will be placed on the International WWW Caching
Workshop Web site.

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