DARPA web site

Jim Whitehead (ejw@ICS.uci.edu)
Thu, 12 Feb 1998 11:01:56 -0800

As many of you already know, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
(DARPA) is a *major* supporter of Computer Science research in the United
States. As a broad generalization, DARPA research grants tend to be larger
than NSF or NASA grants, but have higher overhead requirements, such as
more project meetings and status reporting, and tend to have a more
short-term research horizon. Of course, like all generalizations,
exceptions abound.

However, given that many, many researchers are supported by DARPA, and
since they are required to describe their research plans on the DARPA web
site, the DARPA web site is a good one-stop overview of much research
taking place in CS today. Check it out at:


In particular, much CS research takes place inside the Information
Technology Office (ITO), which has a web site at:


The list of research programs in ITO is at:


The particular program that is currently putting food on my table is called
Evolutionary Design of Complex Systems (EDCS):


- Jim