Re: My music notes, Feb 4, 1998.

David Crook (
Tue, 17 Feb 1998 22:38:41 -0800

Gregory Alan Bolcer wrote:
> I once took a brand new 1990 Jeep Cherokee filled with camping
> equipment, tequila, and cigars all the way down to central America
> and back, surfing down the west coast and exploring up the east.
> The only 3 tapes we had were 1) Dylan's Blood on the Tracks,
> 2) The Best of the Doors, and 3) Dylan's Desire. If that's
> not overdosing, I don't know what is.

I once was stuck in a van with family members on a trip from LA to
southern Oregon and back. We only had 1 tape, it was a Madness tape.
To this day I have "Our house" stuck in my head.

It could be worse. A friend of mine was stuck in Its a Small World over
at Disneyland. The ride just broke down and his boat was there for over
two hours. And no, they didn't turn off the music.

Dave "... in the middle of the street, Our House.." Crook