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This is sufficiently funny/clever enough to be old bits with high
probability, but even at 95% its worth risking sending it to you at least.
(you can forward it on then if you want.)

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Leave it to the Chick Network to pass on something like this.

Good laugh!

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> "Why Email is Like a Penis"
> Some folks have it, some don't. Those who have it would
> be devastated if it were ever cut off.
> They think that those who don't have it are somehow
> inferior. They think it gives them power.
> They are wrong. Those who don't have it may agree that
> it's a nifty toy, but think it's not worth the fuss
> that those who do have it make about it. Still, many
> of those who don't have it would like to try it.
> It can be up or down. It's more fun when it's up, but
> it makes it hard to get any real work done.
> In the long distant past, its only purpose was to transmit
> information considered vital to the survival of the
> species. Some people still think that's the only thing
> it should be used for, but most folks today use it for
> fun most of the time.
> Once you've started playing with it, it's hard to stop.
> Some people would just play with it all day if they
> didn't have work to do.
> It provides a way to interact with other people. Some
> people take this interaction very seriously, others
> treat it as a lark. Sometimes it's hard to tell what
> kind of person you're dealing with until it's too late.
> If you don't apply the appropriate protective measures,
> it can spread viruses.
> It has no brain of its own. Instead it uses yours. If
> you use it too much, you'll find it becomes more and
> more difficult to think coherently.
> We attach an importance to it that is far greater than
> its actual size and influence warrant.
> If you're not careful with what you do with it, it can get
> you in big trouble.
> It has its own agenda. Somehow, no matter how good your
> intentions, it will warp your behavior.
> Later you may ask yourself, "Why on earth did I do that?"
> It has no conscience and no memory. Left to its own
> devices, it will just do the same damn dumb things it
> did before.

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