The alpha and the omega

spunkanado (
Thu, 26 Feb 1998 21:43:18 -0500 (EST)

It struck me the other night as I was grabbing the atari 800 emulator for
linux, that more than half of the software dev folks are fucking wankers
off on a March Hares paths of lunacy.

They are all looking to make thier Holy Grail THE total all around solve
everything solution. Wether its C or C++ or corba or JAVA continue to
spend time, energy and money on trying to make the best cross platform
cross processor cross every road answer to every problem. Think of this as
Code Once Run Everywhere (CORE) philosophy.

What usualy happens is more like Write Hundreds of times On Realy
Expensive contracts (WHORE). The bloat creeps in, the code sweels,
versions move across ram like some blind idiot cuthulian god devouring all
ram and cpu time offered up to it by the preisthood.

Then it hit me, there has been an answer for years and now it is finaly
hitting critical mass and can be called out for the purpose of saving us
from any more Marketing Hype and POrtablility Pie Up My Butt Promises.

EMUS...Its Freedom baby. Fuck Corba and Java and all the assorted...An
Atari 800 emu and an Apple II emu now run on most every cpu / os there is.
And there is a rich legacy of real programs out there.

Why spend years learing java and keeping up with the rat race of dev when
you could hunker down and relearn your 6502 chops and make programs that
can run everywhere with NO rewritting of code, NO security risks, NO
dependency on keeping up witht he tread mill research rats And a kick
ass libray to use as a basis...

Already we are seeing some emus adding the nessecary features to tap into
the mediums of our here and now. Nesticle, the killer Nintendo 8 bit emu
has tcp/ip support for mulitplayer action. Think of an Atari 800 emu a tcp
stack and Figforth. Think of what Ultima Online could be like if it ran on
an AppleII, with green or amber options of course.

Im only halfing kidding. Using some of the old emus has shown me that time
has not done very much to the advancement of good programming. It has made
things flashier by leaps, bulkier by bounds and bloated to measures that
suggest the very mass of thier code should be showing signs of
eninstienian wreckge.

Think of it not as a roll back, but a historical resuablity study that
could gather all the roots of our shared histories togther so that we
could see the wheres and whyfores of our currnt day delimas. There is no
shame in treading back up the roots of the decission trees to get out of a
branch that shows signs of snapping. The shame would rather be on the
forgeting of our past.

Its all there folks..... Distrubuted Objects...fehhhh..Let Ultima 3 be you
bench mark.