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Thu, 26 Feb 1998 15:51:49 -0800

At 1:36 PM -0800 2/26/98, I Find Karma wrote:

* Mark Kuharich just posted...
* > [You'll want to peruse:
* >
* >
* > "The Natural Life Cycle Of Mailing Lists
* > Kat Nagel ( sent this terrific piece to the EARLY-M
* > mailing list in December 1994. It is the best description of the social
* > development of a mailing list I've read"
* >
* > Consider me de-lurked!
* Congrats for delurking, but...

See Adam this is EXACTLY the type of shit I'm talking about. Here someone
wait's for a chance to de-lurk and offer up something and you jump their
shit. I've been on the list since the start and I don't remember that URL.

* 1. This was posted over two years ago...

So for anyone to join the list or delurk they have to read two years of

* 2. ...which is when I added it to the FoRK FAQ...

And if maybe as I suggested to Rohit the FAQ url is included in every
message people will read it. However, I don't even know the URL for the
FAQ. Why don't you get for us all to remember it by?

* 3. ...but you are forgiven because Vivian's searchable list of mailing
* lists is pretty cool...
* In the future, though, be careful.

This is total fucking bullshit Adam. Either FoRK get's closed like the
Voxers and it's just a few of us chewing the fat, or people are going to
post things that might have been covered. So close the list today, and from
this point forward we call can monitor every post. Then in two years if
someone dares' to post something that has been posted before you have room
to argue. Otherwise, you take it weigh two personal.



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