Re: How's CA?

Rohit Khare (
Wed, 14 Jan 1998 22:59:18 -0800

> Rohit,
> Last we spoke was after a Digital Commerce Society of Boston meeting. We
> chatted quite a bit as we both headed back to the Pru. You have since
> moved to CA, right? How's things?

Contrary to appearances, I am not dead, just very overcommitted and *still*
travelling all over, to my surprise. I thought gard student life would involve
mroe time at the Anthill Pub, not in the Red Carpet Club. [UCI's mascot is...
and anteater. If you visit, you'll find out why]

> Anyway, quite by accident, I came across an audio interview with you and
> some other folk at a WWW conference you were attending:
> You were extremely articulate, as usual.

Why thank you very much! Though their immediate insistence on asking about the
Haven;'s gate suicides ruled out my recommending any other W3Cers from talking
to them :-(

> It was nice to (finally!) hear someone ask a question about Tim
> Berners-Lee:
> INTERVIEWER: "Tim Berners-Lee, is he, like, a hip guy?"
> RK: "He's amazingly modest for someone who's done this much to change
> the world."
> Your answer is concise, accurate, and profound. The question, incredibly
> mundane.

We aim to please. Better, by far, than the other way around.

By the way, in a completely different vein, do I sound anything like that
realaudio stream? I mean, I know one's self-perception is affected by audio
resonance through the jawbone, but that session sounded so... young.

> This succinct interchange ought to be included in any worthwhile 'Quotes
> of the Year' compendium. I'm considering incorporating it into my sig.

It's nothing compared to the one quote TIME saw fit to include from me in
their TimBL profile. Something about Tim being very British, yet still the
life of the party...

> BTW, I've made a few new additions to 'the chair' page:
> -- latest entry is 'pachinko'

Man, I *love* pachinko parlors! It's one of those places that all-but-inspire
even me to take up smoking... constant overstimulation, the story of my life.

> If you're in MA, please give a call so we can get together for coffee.
> I'll be out of town from 8-Jan-1998 through 4-Feb-1998. 4 days in
> Vancouver, then the rest of the time in Taiwan visiting my wife's family
> -- it'll be a total blast celebrating Chinese New Year in Taipei.

Sounds like much mroe fun thatn my sleepy take at Trafalgar Square -- I was
delayed at Heathrow on my way back from India -- you can read the whole
travelogue on FoRK, look for the batch of Khare posts on 1/2/98.

> Take care,
> Gerry
> Honorary FoRK

Hey, the honor is all mine!

Happy new year to you, too,
Rohit Khare

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