Microsoft Fashion Police; security agreements

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Thu, 15 Jan 98 07:34:23 -0800

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Subject: Fashion Police; security agreements
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From: (Leland F Brown)
Date: Wed, 14 Jan 1998 01:53:27 EST


Yesterday at work I had occasion to use Microsoft Word. It has something
called a "TipWizard" that gives tutorial hints on the software each time
you run it - usually something like:

>Tip of the Day: To undo the last edit, press CTRL+Z.

But yesterday it told me:

>Tip of the Day: Plaid shirts and striped pants rarely make a positive
fashion statement.

Is Bill Gates trying to tell me how to dress now?! This was especially
annoying since I was wearing a plaid shirt at the time. I thought my
plaid shirt looked pretty good. Do I need to worry about this? Does it
mean plaid shirts *and* striped pants - together - are bad, or each one
separately as well?

On another topic . . . yesterday I also had to sign some re-briefing
forms for a security clearance. One of the statements that I signed said

>I understand that I may be required to sign subsequent agreements to
exist whether or not I am required to sign such subsequent agreements.

Read that sentence again, carefully. Does it make any sense at all?? I
think if you make a serious attempt to interpret it you will see that
it's complete nonsense.


"The Word became flesh and blood, and moved into the neighborhood."
(John 1:14a, _The_Message_)