Re: Class of '98

Gil Rimon (
Thu, 15 Jan 1998 17:56:20 +0200

>Dear god, is there anyone who *didn't* submit a request while I was gone?

Yes. God didn't. AAMOF, I spoke with him recently. It's much easier and less
beaurocratic in the holyland u know. He just opened some new email accounts
(,, god@whitehouse.god)

>Well, if we lost one israeli, here's another...
You lost an Israeli? Can I help? It's a small place here. Or did u refer to
late Mr Rabin?

>PS. I am *so* relieved. The first two times I read it, I thought it said
>were a tall distributed writer. I couldn't begin to catalog the
>possibilties... come tpo think of it, that's what I think of Adam&Rohit
Oh. I was a freelance, now I'm a freeware. Apart from this everything's the

Gil, yeah.