Rohit: Ever wonder where your lost airline luggage goes?

John Boyer (
Thu, 15 Jan 1998 12:08:45 -0600

This place is in Scotsborro Alabama. About an hour from where I live. This
is the best junk store in the universe! They have everything from
scientific equipment to used toothbrushes. (some people will buy anything)
Forkers, If any of you are ever in North Alabama you must check it out. And
be sure to stop by the Boyers for a rest and a cup of "Choked Chicken"[1]

My best treasures from Unclaimed baggage are a $300 pocket
English-Vietnamese translator that I got for $6; a piece of Isrealli Air
Force comminucations equipment made by Elbit, and a pre-release reviewers
copy of William F. Buckley's "Brothers No More".

BTW, Joe B, They have tons of HP calculators, are there any that you need
for you collection?

I've seen some unusual things in there, like a giant Tarp/Poster stage
decoration from an MC Hammer concert tour. Also, I once watched these guys
raving over a really neat looking big stainless steel thermos bottle. I
didn't tell them that it's for Bull semen.


[1] Thanhs way of explaining her great Artichoke-Chicken Cajun soup.

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