Re: Rohit: Ever wonder where your lost airline luggage goes?

CobraBoy (
Thu, 15 Jan 1998 12:33:06 -0800

John Boyer sometime around 10:08 AM -0800 on 1/15/98, hammered this out:

> This place is in Scotsborro Alabama. About an hour from where I live. This
> is the best junk store in the universe! They have everything from
> scientific equipment to used toothbrushes. (some people will buy anything)
> Forkers, If any of you are ever in North Alabama you must check it out. And
> be sure to stop by the Boyers for a rest and a cup of "Choked Chicken"[1]
> soup.

ahh.. Beavis?

what is it Butthead?

ahh.. does like choking your chicken mean something different in Alabama
then it does here?

what does it mean here Butthead?

SMAK, you dumbass..