Say goodbye to Mardi Gras '98.

I Find Karma (
Fri, 16 Jan 1998 15:28:15 -0800

Oy. The universe is conspiring against *me* now. Through some
combination of extraordinary circumstances under which my liquidity
has dropped to zero thanks to my unforeseen need for a suit, merged
with the convergence in my fortieth year of graduate school on the
PhD candidacy exam in late February, I am compelled to cancel my
Mardi Gras '98 plans.

Prytania has just released my reservation for February 19-25 in case
anyone out there wants to snatch it up -- 1415 Prytania Street,
New Orleans, LA 70130, (504) 566-1515.

So now my travel schedule is down to a very tractable:
January 16-20 --- Basel, Switzerland
February 27-March 2 --- Palo Alto, California
March 19-25 --- somewhere in England
April 13-19 --- Brisbane, Australia
and either Seattle or New York for memorial day weekend, pending
how far in wedding plans I've gotten.

Darn. I really wanted to go, but the reality won't give me the
time to go. Hopefully, 1999 will not be this jam-packed that
we can give it another go.


Another turning point, a FoRK stuck in the road.
-- Green Day, "Time of your Life"