Re: Class of '98

Kris Ganjam (
Sat, 17 Jan 1998 04:31:53 -0600

Hi Fo[lR]Ks,

Here's my brief intro, posted at Rohit's suggestion. Glad to be aboard!

> Hi Rohit,
> I first came across your list when doing a search for "amorphous
> As its still a relatively new meme, I resorted to reading archived mailing
> list posts mentioning it. Glancing over and reading a few other FoRK
> I decided that I would at least bookmark the findmail site and did so. After
> moving on to a search for "ad hoc computing", the distinctive FoRK popped up
> again, and I figured that since I'm too lazy to read archives off the web and
> there seems to be enough S/N, I'd subscribe.
> As for me, I'm a soon to be Microserf (moving to Redmond in a few weeks)
> whose goal is to become immortal and omnipotent before hitting 400.
> I'm a software geek at a CG, VR & multimedia lab. I went to MIT for a bit
> just finished up here in the show-me state. Buzz words that continually ring
> in my ears include augmented reality, extropy, nanotech, biotech, ubiqitous
> computing, ultrascale computing, mobile computing, protein folding, lightning
> chess and teledildonics.
> -Kris