Re: Clinton

Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Tue, 27 Jan 1998 09:34:26 -0800

> This was mentioned on another list. You a VoXerS lurker?

No, I thought came up with it independently but
you never know; they should have patented it.
Thox Vox is too quick for me by at least two steps. 8-)

> How do you figure? Is it the "god someone finally noticed this other than
> me" part? Do you think I thank God for someone to flame?

I just have a criticism complex. That and I think
the world's out to get me.

> Pulitzer Prize whores.

Absolutely, but I am dying of mirth. Actually, one of
the OC Register's own won a Pulitzer for the California
Fertility Scandal which was on two of my favorite subjects
too, sex and technology. This scandal is almost as good.

> Well this is fast turning into a non issue. Washington runs off of pubic
> opinion and the majority of Americans just don't care. They want Clinton in
> and he is going to give a kick ass state of the union. Plus, now with my
> main man Hillary running the show she is firing at the Republican right
> which makes them look bad. Look at Newt and how he is staying way away from
> this.
We should start some juicy rumors and keep this thing going. I think
an anonmyous Drudge messasge saying that it was Hillaryous that
slept with Monica, not Willy. Turn it into a lesbian thing which
would do wonders for his private opinion numbers.


Speaking of numbers, they say the average American thinks about
sex 3 times during the day. I wonder what this scandal will
do to that statistic?