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CobraBoy (
Thu, 29 Jan 1998 19:48:28 -0800

These are the five best matches to fit Tim. So far 594 have
entered the MatchMaker. Haven=B4t found your perfect match?
Don=B4t despair. We can inform you by e-mail of any new entry
fitting your profile.
Name E-mail % Match
Ruth 66.66
moose 66.66
danny 66.66
pvz 66.66
Peter 66.66

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When I first looked at the matches and the dot com's I thought cool, bab=
from Sweden and the Netherlands. (.br?) (.be?) Then I see that they didn'=
match me to the opposite sex.

The fact that I have basically 666 in all the matches is pretty cool. The
fact that they are mostly guys is not.

Then again who surf's the web?